Safflower - Carthamus tinctoris

SAFFLOWER PETALS are a delicious herb with a variety of medicinal uses.
From "Natural Prescriptions" by Toni McMahon

Safflower - Carthamus tinctoris

AKA Zafran, Dyer's Saffron and False Saffron, Bastard Saffron, Carthamine, Beni, Chimichanga, Saliflower, American Saffron, Hong Hua

Safflowers have been used as a textile dye since ancient Egypt and are occasionally employed in cooking as an affordable substitute to saffron. Safflower has a beautiful red colour. Useful for promoting blood circulation, stops pain and can be used safely to treat dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea. In traditional Chinese medicine safflower is employed for its warming and bitter energetics. These TCM doctors also use Carthamus to reduce spleen and liver enlargement. Studies have shown that Carthamus flower can improve coronary blood flow and increase the time necessary for the blood to clot. Carthamus flower has shown pharmacological actions in animal and in vitro experiments including dilation of the coronary artery, constriction on the kidney blood vessels, protection against brain injury from lack of blood flow and lowering of cholesterol. Should not be used during pregnancy. Use with caution if taking anti-coagulant medications. Do not take during menstruation if bleeding is heavy.


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