New Product... Pau D'Arco & Four Thieves Palm Free Soap

New Product... Pau D'Arco & Four Thieves Palm Free Soap

New Product!
Out today is our Pau D'Arco Palm Free Soap Bar 110g

Our new range of soaps started leaving the kitchen a month or so ago and have been a huge hit with store customers. Our first was Gumby, followed closely by the Vetiver & Sandal Soap ( and request from one of the team :-) )

Then today, Pau D'Arco. If you've been following us for a while you'll know I'm a huge fan of Pau D'Arco. Remember the movie "The Help" ? Fried Chick, Mmm mm...fixes everything... well, Pau D'Arco Mmm mm ... fixes everything in our world. Fungal conditions, Viral, Bacterial Mmm mm Pau D'Arco! ... with a splash of four thieves to fix everything else. :-D Toni

Pau D'Arco is a South American super herb, also called Lapacho and Taheebo.  It's anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial, and an immune booster.  Combined with Burdock it's a great herb used internally for clearing the blood quickly of allergic reactions such as skin rashes from Mango sap... that sort of thing.  Great to use when you don't know what's wrong in regard to skin problems.


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