Ode de May Chang Essential Oil

May Chang .. ah... one of my favourite essential oils.  lemony fresh, but not in a sharp squinty lemon in the eye sort of a way.  May Chang is also called Litsea cubeba (the botanical name), or just plain old Litsea.  I'm sure it has other names,, as most essential oils do, but these are the names I use.  

Top uses in our world:
Lowers Blood pressure
Calming but non drowsy
Covers boy smells

I've always recommended it as a great essential oil to lower blood pressure, whilst not making you drowsy... so it's such a good oil to use when driving to combat those bad reactions to those crazy drivers out there.  Great for anxiety & stress... but with no contraindications or side effects that I can recall... so a great oil for every frantic workplace out there.

It's so refreshing, uplifting & calming & soothing that it works nicely as a mood elevator too.  Lemony fresh, this is a stand alone scent that need not mingle with other essential oil in the vapouriser.

Antimicrobial & antifungal (aka a good essential oil to add to purifying and cleansing blends) it has a similar scent to lemongrass, but again, IMO just a little more rounded and fresh rather than sharp.  It's deodorising properties mean it's great to cover up nasty aromas (smelly boy, smelly cars, smelly anything really).

You'll find May Chang in our Happy Flower Spray as well as our coconut & lime range (body scrub, lotion and wash)


Make a May Chang cleaning spray (get what you need here)

  • take a 200ml glass spray bottle
  • add 2ml (40 drops) of May Chang essential oil
  • add 50ml of perfume base, close lid and shake.
  • add a smidge of castile liquid soap and fill with water, lid on and shake again

ta-dah, you're good to go. (patch test always a nice idea)


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