Mandarin Essential Oil, The Children's Remedy

Mandarin Essential Oil, The Children's Remedy

Botanical name - Citrus reticulate

Mandarin is a delicious & versatile easy to work with essential oil that should be in every budding aroma hobbyist’s kit (and every professional’s kit too!).   

An excellent choice for children, the fragile and the elderly, mandarin is a very safe oil to use for all the family (when used correctly). Mandarin is sometimes referred to as "The Children's Remedy" and relieves colic and tummy upsets in little ones.

A very detoxifying oil, mandarin helps to reduce cellulite and fluid retention and tones loose skin. It is beneficial for mature skin, but also for acne, congested and oily skin.  Mandarin may assist in the preventing/reduction of stretch marks and scars. 

I consider mandarin to be an excellent oil to be used on the following major chakras:

  • Heart (serving the physical Heart, Thymus Gland, Lungs & Arms),
  • Solar plexus (serving the Gastrointestinal System, Lower Emotions, Diaphragm, Pancreas, Liver & Stomach.) &
  • Meng Mein (serving the Kidneys, Adrenals & Blood pressure)

…although it is still useful when working with other chakras.

As a Pitta dosha oil, Mandarin is cooling & soothing on the mind, body & emotions, and relieves stress and depression with its joyful fun energy.  Useful for digestive issues, due to it’s tonic and stimulant effect on the stomach and liver and a calming effect on the intestines, calming diarrhoea and flatulence.  Use as a sedative for insomnia, irritability, restlessness, stress and nervous tension. Mandarin is also useful in the management of asthma. 

In perfumery it is regarded as a top note, meaning that in order to get the best out of it, you’ll need to pair it with a middle (i.e. lavender) and base note (i.e. sandalwood), knowing that as a top note, the top note is the introduction of the perfume on the wearer, and will soon dissipate leaving the middle and base note to carry the fragrance.  This particular example would enhance mandarin’s calming cooling nature and create a beautiful heart centred perfume.  Of course, there are many middle and base notes to choose from, and it will all depend on your personal preference, the aroma you are attempting to create, any contraindication of pairing oils to consider, and of course the properties you are enhancing with your combination.  Mandarin is a citrus oil, but not phototoxic, so that’s one big plus of choosing it when needing a citrus in a perfume.

To use safely, follow the following dilution scale:


Baby (6 months +) and Children


Face products


Massage, body and bath products


Here are 3 Calming diffuser recipes to try at home:

Heart Chakra meditation

3 drops Mandarin

2 drops Clary sage

1 drop Rose


Confident & Calm

3 drops Mandarin

1 drop Frankincense

2 drops Cedarwood


Stress Release

2 drops Mandarin

3 drops Cape Chamomile

1 drop May chang

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Mar 10, 2024
Vicki Newton

Would you please make me up a kit comprising Mandarin Vitamin E cream , Tranquil oil blend , tranquil bath soak I believe I have reward points too Cheers Vicki Newton

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