Lingering Colds by Owens Homeopathics
When you can’t recover or maintain health after a cold or flu consider what else could be undermining your system. A remedy may be needed to address the underlying weakness or maintaining cause along with a fortnightly dose of Anas barb and being quick to treat a freshening of the symptoms with remedies such as Aconite, Gelsemium and Ferrum phos  

Constitutional weakness: When colds recur treat the acute episode first and then once it has passed choose a complementary or a mineral remedy such as Sulphur, Silica, Calc phos or Nat mur depending on the picture, to help restore balance and reduce the incidence of acute episodes.
Children often need support during times of rapid growth, development and change. The energy and effort expended at this time along with school expectations can result in recurrent colds and glandular swellings. Children needing Calc phos catch colds easily, have a poor appetite and can be bored, fussy, whiny and restless. They can be prone to headaches, tummy aches and growing pains. Delicate children made tired, nervous and stubborn by schoolwork and in little ones by slow, difficult teething do well on Silica. It is good for slight, timid children with poor resistance to infection. Sulphur suits the hot, lazy, messy child who is prone to procrastination. Repeat the indicated remedy regularly for a week or two at a time as needed to help boost vitality.
Emotional upsets: Frequent colds that won’t resolve may be related to an underlying emotional upset such as dad being away, mum starting work again, changing schools, losing friends or a family grief. Infants and small children in the day care system may be prone to frequent colds as their immune systems are under developed and in some cases undermined by homesickness and separation anxiety. They come into contact with other children with recurrent colds and the cycle of infection can go on for months. Consider Pulsatilla, Ignatia, Nat mur or the remedy that suits their constitution.  When bouts of flu symptoms follow an episode of anticipatory anxiety consider Gelsemium

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