JATAMANSI ~ Nardostachys jatamansi

AKA Spikenard, Nard, Bhootkeshi

One of the very few essential oils that has a positive effect on all the entire human chakra system and balancing on all doshas (referred to as tridosha), this amazing earthy oil is a must in every basic essential oil kit.  Jatamansi (Jata means dreadlocks, and Mansi means human) is commonly found in parts of India, China and Tibet and is part of the valerian family.  A sacred plant, an adaptogen, with its earthy, fresh dirty root like aroma (mmm) is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea in fragrance, but really is a must have when you understand it’s breadth of usage.  And when your body reaps the benefits, over time you will crave its unique smell.

It’s another of my favourite essential oils (also available in dried herb form for internal use), having a positive effect on the Nerves, Mind, Intestine, Uterus, Heart, Kidneys & Skin.  Ayurvedic texts show it has the following potential actions: Neuroprotective, Anti-stress, Anti-depressant, Anti-seizure (Anticonvulsant), Antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Antihypertensive, Deodorant, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Carminative & Stomachic, Anti-histaminic, Heart Tonic, and Mild Diuretic & Laxative.

My main interest in Nard lay in it’s Heart and Mind tonic features specifically.  Something everyone could benefit from in the current state of the earth.  Cognitively enhancing, and a wonderful heart tonic, it feels to me that jatamansi heals the most important parts of us, the most energetic parts our heart and minds.   These two parts of us actually contain the largest portion of mitochondria in our body, and create the largest electromagnetic field of all the parts of our body.., I’m sure many energy healers would agree in the exponential potential for multidimensional healing, with focus on these two areas.

The last two years have pushed our emotions and resilience into overdrive, leaving us all requiring a very special kind of adaptogen…is it jatamansi?  I think so.  Soothing anxiety and fear, calming overactive minds, cooling every aspect of ourselves, helping us stay in the now and not burdening our hearts and minds with the possibilities of where we as a society are travelling.  Not to say we should be ignoring what our futures hold, but that we need to give ourselves time to live where we are now, while we have lost control, it helps us feel centred, able to cope & buddha like.  To travel through this great awakening, a place that could feel like a cyclone depending on your perspective, it’s nice to be able to sit in the centre and observe, preparing, but not worrying about the next step.  Perhaps the earthy, grounded, nurturing, calming nature of jatamansi is where we as a community are headed… toiling the earth, tending our food gardens, teaching our children the way of the new earth.  Living in the now and enjoying it. 

Of recent, we have seen many clients with heart and mind related injuries coming into the store for guidance (if you know where I am going with this).  It occurred to me writing this article, that this could be the missing, healing link.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before?.

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Jan 20, 2024
Galina Gordeeva

Thank you for such a wonderful description of spikenard. I think that few people have yet appreciated it. Grounding, a sense of calm in the face of an unknown future, is something we are all really missing,

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