I Love Sandalwood

Our Sandalwood essential oil 100% & 4%, and Sandalwood powder come from harvests in Western Australia.  I love it when we can source ingredients grown and distilled or powdered right here in this great southern land.

I Love Sandalwood, Oh my goodness it is SUCH a fantastic tree!  I have incorporated it into many of our skincare products for it's soothing, nourishing and calming properties.  It's a key ingredient in some of our essential oil blends too....but my favourite way to use Sandalwood personally is all my itself...as perfume... yum.  Just a dab on the pulse points and you can enjoy the divine aroma all day long.

It's one of those few oils that are ok to use on the skin undiluted.  We have a 4% option now also that is specifically designed use use in the same manner as 100% Sandalwood oil, more economically.

Sandalwood not only calms and soothes the body, but it also calms and soothes the mind... a wonderful oil to aid meditation.  Blended with other grounding oils such as vetiver & patchouli makes a great sleep remedy. 

I recall helping to plant some Sandalwood trees in Vanuatu nearly 10 years ago on a dive trip...I sometimes wonder how those little trees are doing, they've got many years to go before they will make a good Sandalwood Essential Oil... I hope that I can go back and visit them soon :-)  Toni


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