How to Wear Crystals for Protection?
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How to Wear Crystals for Protection?

I am comfortable in saying 1 in 3 customers that come into the store looking for crystals are looking for “protection.” I am not a real fan of the word “protection” it says to me straight away that the person, possibly, has one of the following things going on….doubt, fear, avoidance, ego or unaware of one's self.  

If you have been in the spiritual game for a while you would know that going into anything with the above intentions/afflictions is a big no-no. It sounds super harsh but its VERY important to be very aware when choosing a tool to use (which is exactly what crystals are). That applies to any form of healing in my opinion.

With that being said! This is what I would do if I were wanting to wear a crystal for protection.

Step #1

Figure out what I am wanting help with. Do I want a little time out from the world? Am I going into a situation where there will be a lot of hostility? Do I need protection from psychic attacks? Do I need protection from my own self? In this instance, I'm choosing to go with “protection from psychic attacks”

Step #2

Now choosing a crystal to help me “put my wall up.” When I lived down south I used to go to a lot of psychic events with A LOT of people with various degrees of ability. Unfortunately, these large events would also bring the energy vampires. People who sort to harm others or take from others to “better themselves” (yawn lol) my armor of choice was a raw chunk of smokey quartz, serpentine and onyx.

Step #3

Once you have chosen your crystal, you will need to cleanse them before wearing. As you can probably imagine, lots of people go searching through crystals to find “the one” that sings to them so that’s a lot of baby imprints that need to be washed off. You can read how to cleanse them here 


Step #4

Next, you need to set your intention. What job do you want your buddies to do? Set your intention with love and without fear, doubt, ego etc.

Step #5

Put the crystals either in your pocket, bag or on your person and off you go!!

    There are so many crystals with so many different jobs it can be hard to decide what is right for you. Let me know if you have any questions?!

    Also, remember when wearing crystals DO NOT wear them longer than you need to. It's not a great idea to have them on you ALLLLLL the time :)


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