How to Use Crystals for Anxiety
How to use crystals for anxiety

How to Use Crystals for Anxiety

One of the most common questions I am asked is “what can I do to tame my anxiety”, just behind, “what can help me sleep”.  There is a plethora of option when it comes to calming anxiety and reducing panic.

The first question to ask yourself is …

What is causing my anxiety?

  • Is it when you are in a specific location?
  • With specific people?
  • Doing a specific task?

Some things you may consider helpful could include taking up a meditation practice, learning to breathe and take a moment to yourself when anxiety strikes, use crystals, herbs and essential oils when an attack of anxiety is happening or imminent.

rhodonite crystal

Let’s talk crystals.

Here are some crystals you may want to test out (go to a crystal shop, pick them up, clear your mind and see how they make you feel)… we are all different, and different crystals work for us all … differently.  To use these crystals simply keep one on your person, or hold in your hand when needed.

  • Lepidolite - contains lithium, the calming mineral
  • Rose Quartz - a cosy hug crystal
  • Black Tourmaline - when you feel invaded
  • Fluorite - when a scattered mind is causing the anxiety, funny enough also contains lithium
  • Moldavite - This is my personal go-to … but could raise anxiety in others.

 … And from The Liquid Crystals (which is available at Plant Essentials as a consultation liquid remedy.  These crystals are presented in liquid form for taking internally either individually, or in blends or combinations.  They can be taken as a course of 21 days to work on eliminating the issue, or on the spot as a band-aid so to speak (however working on improving the issue systematically is always for the best):

black tourmaline crystal plant essentials townsville

  • Botswana Agate - Oxygenation, Breath, Perception and looking forward to a solution. Revitalising
  • Hematite - Shock, Grounding, Body alignment.
  • Dioptase - Heart stone cures all, Pain relief, Shock, Fear Removal.
  • Rhodonite - Patience, Panic, Grounding and Centring, Unconditional Love.
  • Turquoise - Calm, Peace, Cooling, Panic, Healing Tonic, Guidance
  • Ruby – Instils Courage. Allows Revitalization and is Stabilizing and Protective. Cools and Calms.
  • Herkimer Diamond - Keystone for the removal of stress from the physical body, especially the muscles. This stone links to a part of you that is not stressed and teaches the rest how to be that way.
  • Hematite - Creates a Protective Shield that reflects unwanted energies. Powerful Grounding and stabilizing stone. Encourages Action not Reaction.
  • Black Onyx - Centring, Balancing stone allowing self-control, emotional balance and wisdom in decision making. Supporting in its energy. Allows detachment by letting physical processes take their course in a relaxed and flowing manner.
  • Fluorite - Eliminates stress by allowing the mind to become organised and well structured, removing scatter and Disorganisation. Instils Optimism.
  • Jasper - The supreme Nurturer. Calms the Emotions. Sustains body energy when levels are low. Absorbs negativity and is protective.
  • Kunzite - Dissolves Negativity and is a stone of Unconditional Love. Encourages self-expression of thought and feelings. Frees one from the Past and Cuts Ties. Alleviates Panic Attacks and is Anti-depressive.
  • Petrified Wood - Allows one to find and focus on that which is most important in the moment and stops worry about things that are beyond control. Provides Strength.

This is just a brief introduction to utilising crystals to relieve anxiety… however, I hope this gives you some idea how to begin.

~ Toni

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