How to make a delicious natural room spray

There is more than one way to make a room spray, but here is one very quick and easy method...

You'll Need:


The How to:

Add 50 drops of essential oil or essential oil blend to the bottle.  SO this is the creative bit.  What do you want to achieve?  A refreshing room scent?  Calming?  Or a particular flower?  If this is your first room spray, you might want to pick just one essential oil (lavender or lemongrass, or even rose geranium work nicely all by them selves), or pick an essential oil blend that we have already put the work into such as tranquil or relaxing (to create a calm serene space), far away or sunshine ( for a bright lively environment) or breathe or four thieves (to purify)

Add 50 drops of essential oil solubuliser to the bottle and swish to mix these two elements together.  Now it's not easy to measure the solubuliser by drops, so you just need to put around the same amount of solubuliser into the bottle to match the quantity of essential oil.

Add around 40ml of warm-hot water, put the lid on and shake well.  You want the water not too hot or the bottle will pop when you shake it, and plastic bottles will deform, so add 20ml cold, and then 20ml from the kettle and you should be at a nice temperature... or boil the kettle and let it sit until the water is around 70oC.

Add 40ml of perfume base, cap and shake again.

Fill the rest of the bottle up with spring water, cap and shake.

Label it, and wah-lah! you have a yummy room spray.

If you want to use a bottle you have at home, just use a calculator to change the recipe quantity to suit your bottle size.


Stay tuned for some essential oil blending suggestions in future blogs :-D


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