How Do I Cleanse My House of Negative Energy?
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How Do I Cleanse My House of Negative Energy?

I talk to someone every day in our store about how to clear their house, room, workspace and any other area from negative energy. So I think it’s a very important question to answer and I hope it brings you clarity and peace of mind that you have control.

There are numerous ways to cleanse a space but below is the most common way.


White sage is used most commonly for smudging. It's super easy and relatively mess-free, so no wonder it's popular!!

When I smudge I do the following:

  1. In a ceramic bowl, I put in ¼ cup sea salt or Himalayan salt
  2. I light my smudge stick until I get a decent amount of smoke blowing
  3. Sometimes you might need to loosen the leaves a little if they have been wound too tight, but just make sure it's not too loose
  4. While I'm lighting the smudge stick I'm thinking about my intentions for the space. For example “bring calm, love, peace and stability to this space” and always set the intention with love
  5. Once it's smoking pretty well I focus on the corners of each room
  6. I blow the smoke or move the smoke with my hands in an upwards fashion, ensuring the smoke reaches all corners of the space
  7. Most importantly, I take my time and I work with love and good intention!
  8. Once I am confident that the space I'm working on, has been sufficiently smudged, I extinguish my smudge in the salt bowl
  9. I really work the ash into the salt until the smudge stick is out completely
  10. Making sure the salt isn’t hot, I then use the salts in all doorways and window frames to create a barrier that makes it really hard for bad mojo to come in

DO NOT use sage to smudge when around pregnant women.

You might like to try our good vibes cleansing spray. It naturally gives the room a good feeling using a blend of essential oils and bush flowers. A few sprays and your room will smell and feel amazing!


You might like to try onyx, which is great for creating a positive outlook or black tourmaline, as it's a powerful protection stone and repels negative energy.

Whether you decide to smudge, spray or use crystals to cleanse your space, it is completely up to you. Whatever you think will work best, is what you should use.

What do you use to clear your space? Leave a comment and let us know below.



  1. White Sage Smudge Stick
  2. Himalyan Salt
  3. Good Vibes Cleansing Spray
  4. Onyx
  5. Black Tourmaline Chunk
  6. Black Tourmaline Sphere
  7. Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone

white sage smudge stick  himalayan salt good vibes cleansing spray onyx black tourmaline chunk black tourmaline sphere black tourmaline tumbled stone

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