Herbs That Are Full Of Natural Antibiotics

Herbs That Are Full Of Natural Antibiotics

Although leaves, roots, buds and fruit offer relief when applied to burns and cuts, the best method of using natural plants to prevent infection is through the use of their oils. However, even a white potato makes an excellent poultice that draws out the corruption. Here are some items typically found in a home kitchen that serve as Natural Antibiotics.

Another name for Lemon Balm is Cure All. Also known by other names including Honey Plant, Scholars Herb, Sweet Balm, and several others, it has many benefits from relieving anxiety and stress and to reducing fever and works as a sedative. As an anti-microbial, it also serves as an antihistamine, antiseptic, antiviral, that provides digestive relief.

Oregano brings to mind Italian recipes, but it has remarkable antimicrobial benefits. It is from the genus of mint and applied as an essential oil treats everything from yeast infections and inflammation to foot fungi. Basil and Rosemary also offer First Aid protection from infection and are typically found in most home kitchens.


Burdock root is also antimicrobial and anti-fungal. It is also used externally on benign skin tumors and offers relief from knee pain. Also known as Burr Seed, Cockle Burr, Fox's Clote, Lappa, and Thorny Burr this herb is also used as a mild laxative because it does not irritate the internal linings of the digestive tract.

One item on this planet seldom thought of by society is celery seed. They offer an impressive list of benefits from anti-rheumatic to anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic. Who knew they are also a diuretic helping to regulate body fluids and also a carminative that combats flatulence. If that isn't enough, they work to calm the nerves.

Echinacea is a long time friend of humanity with the ability to act as an immunostimulator it is believed to help prevent cold, flu and restore the immune system. It acts as a barrier to pathogenic organisms by inhibiting enzyme breakdown that results in common infections. Recent indications are it also has tumor inhibiting qualities. Echinacea is best taken during cold weather months to help intensify the body's ability to ward off respiratory conditions.

All natural, eco-friendly and renewable methods of relieving human conditions are very popular because so many modern drugs have serious side effects. It is important to remember that not all herbs are for internal use and that there are directions on package for a reason. If caution is observed, most human ailments have a plant that grows relief.

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