Health Benefits And Uses Of Frankincense Essential Oil And Resin
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Health Benefits And Uses Of Frankincense Essential Oil And Resin

Nature provides plants and minerals that in their various forms, can tackle practically any health-related issue a person might experience. Minerals can be used in multiple ways to extract their full potential. Frankincense essential oil and resin are among the most useful products of their kind, offering amazing benefits.
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This yellowish mineral that is revered quite highly in the Middle East is considered to be one of the best health boosting oils and resins. It has an aroma that is earthy and woodsy with a bit of spice and a slightly fruity tinge. The strong scent is said to be very useful for encouraging one to visualize more clearly and allowing the opportunity to explore one's spirituality on a deep level.

When inhaled, either directly or from a diffuser, the aroma has a rather sedating effect that is very warm and comforting. It almost immediately starts working to encourage every part of the body and mind to relax and become peaceful. When a person finds themselves in this state, anxiety, stress, and anger simply seem to melt away.

As a topical agent, new uses for this product are being discovered all the time. One of the primary uses is as a pain reliever which, when rubbed directly into a sore spot, penetrates deep into the skin and begins to soothe the burning sensation, ease aches and reduce inflammation. It makes a very effective massage medium for knotted and tensed muscles.

In liquid form, this substance provides a lot of benefits when applied to a person's skin. It helps to hydrate dry skin, especially spots which have become itchy and flaky, and if used consistently over time, may fade age spots and soften the appearance of most scars and stretch marks. The dermal layer benefits from the emollient properties, looking smoother, younger and healthier.

The astringent qualities are useful for treating cuts, insect bites, boils, acne, and warts. Sniffing this substance is effective at promoting healthy brain functions, encouraging the development of healthy cells and promoting a calm awareness.
It can also be rubbed onto the chest of an individual experiencing respiratory issues or a cold because it breaks up deposits of phlegm and loosens congestion.
In recent years studies conducted by the University of Leicester (UK) have found Frankincense to be effective at killing xxxxxx cells, in particular ovarian, breast, colon and prostate xxxxxx.  In some cases, it was found to be more effective than chemotherapy in those xxxxxxx that did not respond to chemotherapy.

While there is no danger in using this in its purest form, the effects could be a bit overwhelming. It is highly recommended that it be diluted with products like sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, patchouli and coconut carrier oils which do not lessen its power but do make it easier on the skin and less stringent. It is often combined with lavender because their soothing properties are most complementary.
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