Gorgeous Crystals from Tasmania Australia
peacock ore

Gorgeous Crystals from Tasmania Australia

So we have the absolute privilege of getting our crystals from Tassie straight from the man who finds these beauties. We get pretty excited when we get a delivery from him...lol

There has been a bit of interest in our Tasmanian crystals so I thought I would compile a list with a little explainer to go with each.

  1. Atlantasite aka Tasmanite

Atlantasite (Stichtite in serpentine)

A beautiful mix of serpentine and stichtite. Read up on the metaphysical properties here. The more I work with this piece the more I LOVE it. Our customers must agree, because we are running out FAST. We no sooner receive a delivery of atlantasite crystal bracelets and they go!

The scenery from where he gets these guys are absolutely stunning.  In my blog about atlantasite I describe how I felt when I first picked up a piece, and I said, “it reminds me of a really dense forest.” If you saw where they are harvested from you would know why I felt that so intensely.

They aren’t the hardest of the rock world, with a MOH Scale of Hardness of 1.5-5.5, it’s pretty delicate so when cleansing, keep that in mind. Have a read of Toni’s blog about cleansing crystals if you are not sure…

  1. Peacock Ore aka Bornite

Peacock Ore (aka Bornite)

Peacock Ore is a copper iron sulfide mineral. The beautiful colors in the peacock ore is due to the simple magic of tarnishing! Also called Bornite, as soon as it is harvested and the moment it's exposed to the surface it starts to weather. How cool right? Can you imagine if we all weathered like bornite?!!

Hmmm step 1: how to become a unicorn…lol But also like Atlantisite peacock ore is a weeee bit delicate with a MOH of just 3! So also take care when cleansing.

A really easy way I clean my delicate buddies is with a singing bowl. A must have for any collector.

  1. Crocoite


Ohhhhh crocoite. Not for beginners, in my opinion. Use it if you feel comfortable enough to open yourself completely to the divine. Crocoite, essentially, activates the ethereal chakras above your head. A good crystal for psychics to receive a clearer message from those trickier ones.

It also works really well on the sacral chakra, so it really gives artists some fire in their belly to help create more awesome stuff. Helps us to pay attention and trust our intuition so, therefore, we will start making the best decisions and will stay on our path! Such a helpful little guy lol Also super delicate with a MOH of 2.5-3.

Anyone else noticing a common theme with crystals from Tasmania?

  • Fragile
  • Powerful
  • Boosts our higher selves

I have always loved Tasmania but the more of it I get to hold in my hands the more I start to know why. I very powerful place indeed.

Actually, we also got a large piece of tourmaline there which came with a fern growing through it. It's still alive, over 1 month later, and we continue to nurture it with love. Watch this live feed Toni and I did to see….skip to 6:18mins to view the tourmaline https://www.facebook.com/PlantEssentials/videos/2432571830092025/



Atlantasite (Stichtite in serpentine) Atlantasite Crystal Bracelet  Peacock Ore (aka Bornite) Crocoite

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