Christmas Gift Ideas for Crystal Lovers
christmas gift ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas for Crystal Lovers

It’s that time of year again!!! Do you need some inspiration for a family member or friend who LOVES crystals? Here are a few ideas for you if you are stuck….

1. Abolone Shell

Abalone Shell

Perfect for your smudge stick to rest on. They are sooooooo pretty. The colors are completely natural! Argh, nature is awesome.

The holes in the side are where the abalone took its breath from. The perfect gift to for smudging fans.


2. Sage & Basil Incense Stick

Sage & Basil Incense Stick

I personally handmade all of these beauties. Great for really calming down the house and clearing the space around you.

You can use the incense stick to cleanse your crystals, your home or just for the divine smell.

The sage is actually “pineapple sage” and you can really smell the pineapple come through. Sooo beautiful. Basil is also really good for headaches, so a good boxing day


3. Crystal Bracelet

Blue Fluorite Crystal Bracelet

We received a shipment of crystals recently and, oh my god, the quality of these crystal bracelets are amazing. I have bought 3 already….I have an 

We have 19 different bracelets so heaps to choose from. Atlantasite, Prehnite and Blue Fluorite to name a few…


 4. Crystal Ball/Sphere

Selenite Sphere ~ Peach

We have some spheres that are bursting with energy and awaiting their new homes.

Every crystal collector needs a We have some selenite spheres, Orange and White!!! Soooo very exciting.

If you know someone who struggles to ground themselves, get them a white one. Actually….it’s a great choice for this time of year when everything is so hectic.


5. Smithsonite


For that special someone who deserves a break. Smithsonite helps one to

Very relaxing, full of love, and balances emotions. Fantastic to meditate with or have sitting next to your bed to give a peaceful and beautiful sleep. You will wake up feeling the love.

I hope this has helped, with some ideas for you!! Put a comment below if you need some more hints.

Dany x



Abalone Shell Sage & Basil Incense Stick Blue Fluorite Crystal Bracelet Selenite Sphere ~ Peach Smithsonite Crystal Grid Mini ~ Dream Crystal Grid Mini ~Dream Grid Crystal Grid Mini ~ Growth Crystal Grid Mini ~ Growth Grid

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