Can you assist Bluewater Brumbies Inc?
We love the wonderful work of Colleen & the other volunteers at Bluewater Brumbies Inc... they have a few horses (10 I think) that need gelding and rehoming.
If you'd like to donate funds to assist, please follow the link below:
Isn't Sage a cutie! 🥰🐴

From Bluewater Brumbies Inc. Facebook page

This is Sage. He has been with us for about 6 months now and, until recently, was the amazing protector of Ginger, Myrtle and baby Basil. We were lucky enough to be able to remove his girls and foal to a safe and happy new home to get them out of a paddock full of stallions, both for their safety and to reduce the possibility of Sage being injured while protecting them.
We need to get Sage and the other stallions in the paddock gelded next month so we can find happy new homes for them too.

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