9 Ways to Use Castile Soap

Environmentally-friendly, affordable and versatile, castile soap is a staple in many green households.  Made from 100 percent plant oils, this soap is vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

Once it gets washed down the drain, it's easier on plant and animal life than conventional cleaning products. Perhaps the most exciting fact about castile soap, however, is that it can be used in place of almost every cleaning product you currently buy.

That's right - you can stop buying those 10 expensive bottles, and buy just one bottle of castile soap in their place.

1. Body wash: Castile soap is easiest to use as a body wash when you dilute it first. Mix one part soap to two parts water in foamer bottle, and use it as you would any other body wash. It's gentle on the skin, so you won't experience irritation or dryness.

2. Shampoo:  Yes, you can use castile soap as shampoo, too. In fact, you can use the same diluted soap on your hair that you use as body wash, saving valuable space on your shower rack.

3. Laundry detergent: Forego expensive detergent that irritates your skin, and opt instead for 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap plus 1/2 cup of baking soda per load. Add the castile soap and baking soda to the bottom of the machine, and allow it to mix with some water before tossing in the clothes.

4. Dish soap: Although it does not get as foamy as conventional dish soap, castile soap effectively cleans even the greasiest dishes. Prepare a dilution of one part soap to two parts water for this purpose. Again, in a foamer bottle makes it ready to wash and go.

5. Shower scrub: Once you use castile soap as body wash and shampoo for a while, you should notice less soap scum accumulation in your shower. In the meantime, make a paste with castile soap and baking soda to scrub away your existing soap ring.

6. Floor cleaner: All you need to clean your floors is two tablespoons of castile soap in a pail of water. Use a mop or rag to wipe the dirt away, leaving a shiny surface. Castile soap is safe for tile and laminate.

7. Pet wash: When you need to give the dog a bath, reach for the diluted castile soap that you use as body wash and shampoo. It also works on pets - the mild formula is great for dogs and cats with sensitive skin. Peppermint-scented castile soap, which is one of the most common varieties, is great for removing pet odor.

8. Vegetable wash: A little castile soap ensures that the pesticides and dirt are removed from the surface of your produce. Rinse your veggies in a mixture of one teaspoon castile soap per gallon of water, and then rinse with clear water to remove the soap.

9.Toothpaste: Although the flavor is not appealing, castile soap makes an excellent toothpaste. Apply a tiny drop to your toothbrush, and brush away. Perhaps this use is best left for emergencies or camping trips when you forget to pack the toothpaste.

You’ll be doing your health and the environment a favour by switching to this natural, eco-friendly product.

At Plant Essentials we make our very own Castile liquid soap from scratch!!  No factory here.

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