Health Benefits And Uses Of Vetiver Essential Oil - Its Not Just for Sleep!
vetiver essential oil

Health Benefits And Uses Of Vetiver Essential Oil - Its Not Just for Sleep!



The desire to find more natural ways to influence health, promote relaxation, aid sleep and better moods, and to limit exposure to toxic substances is stronger than it has been in decades. There are many plants and minerals on this planet that have amazing healing and soothing properties, as well as the capability of performing several household task. Vetiver essential oil is one such product that can be used in a variety of ways. 

This native plant of India has been used for health and well being for centuries. The essence of it produces a product so powerful that just a tiny amount can produce amazing results. The scent is often described as being earthy and heavy, a bit like patchouli but having just a hint of lemon, making it very grounding, soothing and calming.

It is considered to be an incredible mood enhancer that is typically quite effective at dispelling anger, soothing irritability, calming hysteria and reducing neurotic tendencies. When inhaled directly or dispersed throughout a room via a diffuser, the scent is known to reduce stress and tension, ease restlessness to promote sleep and help with both mental and physical exhaustion. It has even been said to awaken the libido in some individuals.

As a topical agent, this product has powerful antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can soothe general aches and pains, ease muscle tension, and reduce inflammation. When applied to wounds, it promotes the growth of new tissue which is also useful in fading the appearance of scars, age spots and even stretch marks.

Because it is so powerful, it should always be diluted with carrier oils such as olive or coconut before applying to skin. It is non-toxic and does not contain irritants, making it perfectly safe for use, but the extreme concentration of it without dilution is a bit overwhelming. Pregnant women and children are advised to consult a physician before using.

Though not commonly known as yet, studies have found that the soothing properties of this product have shown themselves to be even more effective at helping individuals with ADHD than lavender. It encourages them to calm down and relax, which allows their mind to process input at a more acceptable pace. When this happens, they are better able to focus and accomplish tasks without stress or frustration.

When combined with products like lemon, lavender and ylang ylang, the aromatic effects are wonderful for promoting deep relaxation. The versatility that can be achieved from this one plant is truly impressive. It may be used for a number of antiseptic needs as well.


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