The Top Uses For Shea Butter

Beautiful skin and hair rely on the maintenance of hydration and nourishing products that target and heal problem areas. Shea butter is a popular solution to address excessive dermal dryness and tresses that have become limp and brittle. Understanding how this range can benefit your healthcare needs can support a youthful appeal.

The buttery consistency is derived from the Karite tree nut containing natural oils such as linoleic acid important in the maintenance of skin, hair, and nails. While the raw form is the purest product that you can find, this ingredient is often included in many types of moisturizing creams and conditioners. Understanding how this nourishing butter can benefit your health, can aid in making the best possible healthcare decisions.

The shea butters are widely known for its application in skincare used as a regular moisturizer and as part of a dermal treatment plan. Vitamin A, vitamin E and fatty acids are most beneficial for dry, inflamed and flaky skin that cannot be relieved through conventional medical means. Individuals affected by Eczema and allergic dermatitis can soothe problematic areas with natural hydrating products.

The incorporation of the butter in beauty regimes provides an affordable and effective deeply moisturizing agent. The naturally hydrating substance has been used for centuries as an intensive and luxurious skin nourishing ingredient that can be applied to the face and body. Using the product on dry and irritated areas on a daily basis can create a protective barrier and optimally moisturize the dermis.

During the summer and winter months, the skin is exposed to harsh elements and free radicals that can take its toll on wellness. Applying the butters on a daily basis provides the body with essential nutrients and vitamins while deeply moisturizing problem areas. This will minimize the formation of severe dryness and flaking that are characteristic with exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Stretch marks and scars are often managed with natural products as the skin loses collagen and requires deep levels of hydration to be restored. This includes constant nourishment to assist the affected tissue in rebuilding the collagen and elasticity that have been lost. It will protect the skin from deteriorating and minimize the formation of additional stretch marks.

Incorporate conditioners containing the butter after shampooing to address brittle, dry and poorly managed hair. The nourishing ingredient is included in many health and beauty care ranges offering gentle hydration and protection against further damages. It is most effective in the management of dry skin.

Many of the Plant Essentials range of natural skincare and beauty products contain shea butter such is its effectiveness and benefit to the skin.


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