The Many Benefits Of Nettle Tea

The Tibetan monk was said to have lived on nothing except nettles for over ten years as part of his meditation. Just like dandelion, nettle tea is a wonderful infusion that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Nettles come from the flowering plant Urtica and have many health benefits.

Nettle has been used for many centuries to cure illnesses such as allergies. It contains active compounds that reduce inflammation. This plant has been studied extensively and has been shown to improve the symptoms of Alzheimer, arthritis, and PMS. It can also be a good remedy against dandruff.

Nettles are sold as herbal supplement or tea and are commonly found in health food stores. People suffering from inflammatory conditions can seek relief by drinking this infusion on a regular basis. The leaf of nettle is used for different ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis and allergies.

The root is also recommended for enlarged prostate relief as well as to prevent baldness. The infusion of this plant treats hemorrhoids, anemia, and skin complaints including psoriasis. When taken orally, this herbal tea relieves gout, sciatica, and hair loss.

When consumed as a drink, the compounds in the leaf give an anti inflammatory effect. As a result, it may also respond to weak immune system. The chemicals that are present in nettles are also found to minimize the feeling of pain as they suppress the nerves that send pain signals from the brain. These positive effects can significantly help reduce the stiffness of arthritis.

In addition, the leaf parts reduce the amount of pollen that is produced by the body when responding to allergens. These allergens are responsible for weakening the immune system because of pollen they produce. If you are sensitive to pollen, you should consider drinking this herbal tea every day. Through consuming this infusion, your allergy symptoms are greatly reduced, however, further research needs to be done in order to confirm results.

For many centuries, the leaves and stems of nettles have been used to treat sore muscles. The most recent studies conclude that people can find relief from joint pain by consuming the infusion or applying the leaf topically to the affected area. Researchers have come up with the conclusion that by taking the oral extract of stinging nettles, people can reduce their dosage of anti inflammatory drugs. To seek immediate relief from your aches and pains, consider opting for this herbal infusion instead of drinking coffee.


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