The Health Benefits Of Dandelion Root

Dandelions are most often seen as weeds that take over the lawn or garden. These flowers are actually an excellent food and herbal medicine that can grow anywhere. Dandelion root has a long history of therapeutic qualities and has been used since the ancient times for liver support.

In Chinese herbal medicine, dandelion has been used to improve health and energy. It is also used by people in South America because of its beneficial effects. This natural plant has many antioxidant qualities, which are resistant to inflammation in the body.
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Dandelion contains biological compounds that play an important role in human health. A recent study revealed that the antioxidative effects of this plant lowered cholesterol levels. Results showed the enzyme activities and lipid profiles that contributed to this. Scientists believe dandelions protect stress as they increase the blood flow in the body.

This plant is high in beta carotene which converts into vitamin A. This flowering plant is also rich in fiber, vitamin C, iron, zinc, and calcium. It is a great source of B vitamins and trace minerals, even more so than spinach. It has been used for hundreds of years to treat anemia, blood disorders, and depression.

You can easily grow the seeds in your garden or in a pot. If you collect dandelions from the wild, choose the ones that are free from fertilizers and pesticides. The ones in your garden are not always the best so it is recommended to pick them from mountains. These flowers only come into season in summer that is why you tend to see them sold fresh in food markets. It is also available as dried herb, tea, and capsules. The supplements can easily be found in health food stores or on the websites of reputable suppliers.

The leaves, roots, and flowers are all edible. Although they have a rather bitter taste, it can be minimized by harvesting them in the spring season. If you cook the roots, the bitter flavor will lessen. The roots can be consumed as tea or herbal drink. The leaves also make a great addition to salads.

For medicinal and food safety levels, dandelions are considered to be safe. Some people may have allergic reactions so it is best to test your skin against this plant before picking it. If you are pregnant, you should avoid this plant as well as yarrow, daisy, ragweed, and marigold. Talk to your doctor before adding a new herbal recipe to your diet.

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