Top Health Benefits Of Neem Herb

Neem is the reliever of diseases according to traditional Indian healers. Its extracts have been used for thousands of years for maintaining overall health. The bark, roots, gum, leaves, and the seeds of the neem tree are all useful both internally and externally.

Neem is known to have beneficial values for the reproductive system, urinary tract, and circulatory system. Various parts of this tree have been carefully studied by scientists. The entire tree offers a wealth of benefits to nails, skin, scalp, gums, and teeth.

The oil softens and protects the skin. This herb is highly effective in maintaining gum and teeth and has the ability to enhance hair color. It also promotes stronger metabolism and boosts the immune system.

In traditional Indian medicine, this herb is dried and used in healing and balancing pitta and kapha. When used in combination with other herbs, its potency is even more enhanced. Although it tastes quite bitter, the dried form is the best way to use for supporting healthy blood.

The paste and oil have been used for many years as topical applications on skin. If your skin is irritated or needs lubricating, you can simply apply the paste liberally to the affected parts of your body. Due to the light and dry qualities of the herb, it acts as a good supporter of healthy nails and skin.

To use it internally, you can find the organically grown neem herb, or Neem Capsules form at Plant Essentials, for external use the organically grown cold pressed neem oil form is available. 

If you are frequently travelling and feel tired all the time, you should consider taking two cups of tea made from neem a day.  You can also use it externally by mixing the neem cold pressed oil with a small amount of cold pressed oil or natural lotion base and applying to the affected skin. 


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