Different Uses Of Raspberry Leaf Tea
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Different Uses Of Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberries contain high levels of vitamins and other nutrients which puts them in the superfood category. Since the early times, medicinal properties in plants and fruits have been used to treat many illnesses. Raspbery leaf tea contains powerful phytonutrient that protects against a variety of health issues.

Raspberries are known to help reduce pain and inflammation that is associated with gout. The chemical that gives these berries their red color is called anthocyanin. By drinking the tea up to three times a day, you can reduce your symptoms of arthritis and joint pain.

Raspberry is high in potassium, B vitamins, and magnesium which make it useful for leg cramps, insomnia, and nausea. By combining the nutrients in the leaf and berries, the female reproductive system can greatly benefit. The leaf is also said to lead to shorter and less painful labors.

Native Americans have been using raspberry extract for thousands of years as tea to strengthen the uterus of pregnant women. Although the tea does not induce labor, it helps women have less complicated births. The leaves are boiled in water and given to the pregnant woman as a tonic or infusion.

Raspberries protect against xxxxxx. Numerous studies have been carried out in Medical University of South Carolina and results revealed the death of many types of xxxxxxx including colon, liver, skin, and tongue xxxxxx. No wonder this fruit is classed as a superfood.

The tannins that are present in the leaf of raspberry give it astringent properties for soothing purposes. The tea is said to sooth skin disorders, sunburn, and external rashes. You can also alleviate the symptoms of gum disease by simply gurgling the infusion in your mouth twice a day.

To brew, simply pour 6 ounces of boiling water in 1 teaspoon of raspberry extract and leave for at least ten minutes before drinking it. You can even keep this tonic in the fridge if you prefer cold tea. For a stronger infusion, leave the mixture of herbs and water overnight in a glass jar. Drink three times a day for no longer than 4 months.

You can also make a tincture using the same mixture. This is highly beneficial for using on skin or as a more concentrated form for internal purposes to help relieve premenstrual symptoms and heavy bleeding.  Plant Essentials Raspberry Leaf herb is organically grown in Croatia.


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