How To Improve Your Health With Beeswax

Honey and wax are produced by bees and provide the body with a vast range of beneficial properties. Beeswax is created by a colony to store pollen and protect the hive, but has gained increased attention in terms of its beneficial applications it provides for skin, allergy, and related ailments. Learn how this natural substance can best support and benefit your health needs.

beeswax by Plant Essentials

The wax product can include a red, orange, yellow or white color and contains a number of essential fatty acids. The substance cannot be consumed owing to its tough and chewy texture, but it can be incorporated in beauty and skincare products. Allergy treatments, hair care and various topical ointments consist of the product developed by bees offering nourishing antibacterial properties and intensive moisturization.

For allergy sufferers, lighting a wax candle aims to purify the air of all types of contaminants that may be triggering symptoms. Introducing the product in gradual does in creams or candles can assist those suffering from pollen allergies that will aid in building a resistance against the intolerance. It is important to consult with a wellness expert to determine effective strategies to relieve and manage symptoms.

One of the most common applications for wax products is to use as part of a skin care regime including natural antibacterial and moisturizing properties. The natural barrier created by the wax assists in locking in essential hydration making it an effective solution in relieving dry skin. The ingredient can be combined with essential oils making for a suitable natural remedy to tend to skin conditions.

If you suffer from very dry and chapped lips, look for lip balms that contain the natural wax as it offers the greatest levels of protection and moisturization. The waxy layer aids in protecting the sensitive skin on the lips from exposure to the harsh elements that often cause severe irritation of the soft tissues. The natural substance will minimize a dry sensation and produce long lasting hydration.

Conditions including Eczema and stretch marks require naturally based remedies to minimize further irritation of affected areas. The sensitive and dry patches can be intensely moisturized with the barrier of wax to minimize further irritation. It offers insulation and natural antibacterial properties that aim to minimize contracting an infection.

The natural wax produced by bee colonies can serve as an effective hydrating agent for various skin conditions and ailments. From lip balms and allergy treatments to remedies developed to address dry and irritated skin, the substance can prove most beneficial. The consumption is not advised as it can cause digestive restrictions and adverse reactions.

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