Learn About The Health Benefits And Other Uses For Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil
lemon myrtle

Learn About The Health Benefits And Other Uses For Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

Backhousia citriodora is a plant native to the rainforests in southeastern and central Queensland in Australia. It is known by a variety of common names, including sweet verbena and lemon myrtle. The leaf of this plant is marketed for culinary use while lemon myrtle essential oil is used commercially in a variety of personal care products, including soaps, lip balms, body lotions, shampoos, and hair conditioners. Lemon Myrtle is a handy essential oil to have around the house due to its many uses.

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The oil extracted from the plant's leaves produces a strong aroma that smells like fresh lemons. The scent is believed to promote sleep and relaxation. When used in a diffuser, it is invigorating, emotionally uplifting, and acts as an effective indoor air freshener and purifier. Pet shampoo manufacturers use it in their products to help repel fleas.

Lemon myrtle contains citral, an aroma compound used by perfume manufacturers in their citrus scented products. Its citral content is higher than that of lemongrass and other plant sources. It also contains citronellal, a compound that repels insects, especially mosquitoes.

Its antibacterial properties make this oil effective for killing the bacteria that causes acne. When diluted and used topically it helps balance natural skin oils and eliminates excess oil that leads to acne breakouts. As a natural astringent, it can help make pores less visible by shrinking them.

This essential oil is often used to help eliminate the symptoms of molluscum contagiosum, or MCV. This viral skin infection is most common in children. It causes small bumps on the trunk, armpits, eyelids, neck, genital area, and face. In some cases, it leads to molluscum eczema, which is characterized by inflamed and rough patches of skin.

aromatherapy for beginners workshopIn addition to acting as a general air freshener, this oil has other uses around the house. When used in the kitchen it can neutralize cooking odors. A few drops in the toilet and sink will banish unpleasant odors in the bathroom. Adding several drops to hot water creates an effective floor cleaner. Two or three drops added to vacuum cleaner bags helps cleanse and freshen while vacuuming carpets. When added to a spray bottle filled with water, it can be spritzed on bed linens to keep them fresh.

Essential oils from Plant Essentials are all natural. They contain no petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances, colors, or preservatives. No animal testing is used in their production. Customers should use these products only as directed. Dilute before topical use as they can cause irritation if used at full strength. These products are not for internal use.

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