How Does Bentonite Clay Help Stomach Problems?

These days it seems most of us have some sort of stomach problem. Whether it is just a bit of embarrassing gas or something much worse there may be a simple solution. Bentonite clay has excellent healing properties for a number of ailments but it is especially helpful for stomach issues.

bentonite by Plant Essentials

The digestive system is hugely important for good health. It is, after all responsible for processing our food, our fuel, the stuff which our bodies use to so all the amazing things they do. If anything goes wrong in the stomach it can have disastrous results.

Bentonite is used to cleanse the stomach. It can be a powerful aid to many digestive problems as it is excellent for removing parasites and toxins. These can cause all kinds of problems as they interfere with absorption of nutrients from food. If the body does not use the nutrients we eat it can lead to an increase in appetite as hunger hormones are triggered when we are lacking certain macro and micro nutrients.

In addition to removing unwanted pollutants from the stomach the clay helps to restore good bacteria. This is hugely important for good health. Medical research into the flora of the gut is fairly new but it is implicating bad flora in many disparate health issues. A lack of good bacteria can really affect the immune system and also leads to food intolerance.

It may seem bizarre to eat dirt in order to improve stomach health but animals instinctively know about this ingenious trick. Clay can absorb things we do not want in the body and also adds nutrients which the body needs. Trace minerals are rapidly disappearing from the soil and therefore our food. Bentonite is a great source of some of the rarer minerals which many people are now missing in their diet.

There are a bunch of ways to use the clay. It can be used both externally and internally. To drink mineral clay it is necessary to dilute it with water. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water on days when consuming it to avoid constipation. It is also great in a bath and will draw out toxins from the skin and improve general skin health.

There are lots of benefits of using mineral clays to improve health and they are especially useful for stomach problems. Many over the counter stomach medicines cause side effects and can be counter productive in the long run. This is a natural way to help, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, indigestion, parasites and infections and gas.

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