How To Use Calendula - Infused Oil And Herb Preparations
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How To Use Calendula - Infused Oil And Herb Preparations

There are many herbs which are beneficial for skin problems. One of the most useful is calendula - infused oil and herb preparations can be used by people of all ages to treat a wide variety of symptoms. It is very safe and when used appropriately can be extremely powerful.

Calendula Infused Oil by Plant Essentials

Oils and herb preparations are made from the yellow petals of the Marigold plant. They have been valued for many centuries and in the past were often used as a tincture or tea. These days it is easy to find it in oil preparations where the leaves have been steeped to extract their medicinal properties. The oils are very stable and are a convenient way of using the plant.

It is one of the most useful plants in a herbalists arsenal. Marigold has both anti microbial and anti fungal properties. This means it can be used on most skin irritations. For example, athletes foot is caused by a fungus and responds well to applications of calendula in oil. It has also been shown to help the itching and damage to skin from dermatitis in several scientific studies.

These oils are a useful addition to a first aid kit. Burns, cuts and other wounds have been shown to heal more quickly when Marigold is used. It is thought that it increases blood flow to the wound thereby helping the skin recover.It has also been suggested that it stimulates the production of collagen in the area of a wound and so reduces scarring. It's anti biotic properties also help to heal infections which often occur at wound sites.

Children and babies can use this plant treatment as it is natural and does not usually cause any irritation. In many countries it is a common treatment for diaper rash. It is also useful for minor sunburn and will help ease symptoms and repair the skin.

Calendula oil can be used in baths or as a tincture. It can also be added to a base cream and applied as needed. Some people have found that it will ease a sore throat if gargled but it is important not to swallow it.

This fabulous herb is really useful for all kinds of skin problems. If you have a skin irritation or infection it is a good idea to try this natural treatment straight away. An improvement should be obvious pretty quickly and it should not cause any side effects.

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