Need to Lower your Blood Sugar? Or just want to Reduce your Sugar Cravings...

Need to Lower your Blood Sugar? Or just want to Reduce your Sugar Cravings...

Gymnema / Gymnema sylvestre is considered to be one of the premier herbs for controlling blood sugar levels. The added benefit is that it does not lower them below normal. Gymnema also known as Gurmar or Meshashringi has a very curious and well known property of preventing sugar cravings. In fact, for a few hours after taking Gymnema, sugar cannot be tasted by the tongue. Clinical studies have shown Gymnema to be effective in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Gymnema sylvestre is also effective in cholesterol control.

Karela / Momordica charantia, also commonly known as Bitter Melon, is an excellent blood purifier and detoxicant and greatly improves digestion and absorption. The chief constituents of Karela are lectins, charantins and momordicines which have an antilipolytic and lipogenic effect similar to insulin. In fact, gurmarin in Karela is similar to bovine insulin. Researchers in Britain found that Karela has a hypoglycemic principle beneficial in lowering blood and urine glucose levels. 

Neem / Azhadiracta indica is another bitter herb that has been shown to have beneficial effects in in regulating blood glucose levels and prevents hyperglycemia induced by glucose and adrenalin. It is also a blood purifier and used for detoxification. Neem has been shown to significantly and consistently reduce insulin requirements for nonketonic, insulin fast, and insulin sensitive forms of Diabetes. In fact, based on the successful clinical trials, the Indian equivalent of the FDA has approved Neem as a medicine for diabetes.

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  • Toni McMahon
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