Choosing an Oil Burner
When purchasing an aromatherapy oil burner the following should be considered:
  • Choose a large, wide, deep saucer.
  • Make sure the saucer can be removed for cleaning and extinguishing the candle.
  • Make sure there is plenty of space between the tip of the flame and the bottom of the saucer, to prevent the water boiling and also charcoal to stop the bottom of the saucer.
  • Make sure there are enough ventilation holes to allow maximum heat and use of the candle.
  • A spacious access point to allow a large candle and so that candles can be lit while in place.
The most effective method of using essential oils as inhalations is by using an aromatherapy oil burner. 
This method of inhalation can be used for: 
  • Treating respiratory tract problems.
  • Treating throat infections.
  • Eliminating catarrhal conditions.
  • Relieving mental and physical fatigue.
  • Reducing tension and anxiety.
  • Calming the nervous system.
Oil Burner Safety
  • Keep the oil burner away from children, pets and draughts.
  • Keep the oil burner on a metal coaster or similar surface, to protect against drips.
  • Use a small jug filled with boiling water to fill the saucer, this will save candle heat, add a few drops of essential oil.  More oil can be added as desired.
  • Light the candle and carefully place it at the bottom of the oil burner.  Allow it to burn for the prescribed time and extinguish the candle.  Let the wax set without disturbing it, as it will set ready for use again.
  • Never leave a naked flame unattended, burning all night, in the presence of someone untrustworthy, a child, where a pet may disturb it or where a sudden draught may endanger it.
The Advantages of Electric Oil Burners
  • Eliminates the use of a naked flame and messy candle wax.
  • Avoids the use of hot water, which has the potential to burn if a candle burner is knocked over.
  • Although more expensive to purchase than most candle oil burners there is no need to continually be buying candles. So long-term the savings will out way the original cost.  If left on continuously an electric burner will only use 10 cents of power per week.
  • The burning temperature does not vary and will not burn dry or overheat.
  • The burner remains cool to touch.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.  No need to constantly be adding water or checking if the candle is still burning.
  • Meets safety standards for use in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Offices or the Home.  Is safe to use around children.

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