GREEN MEDICINE, the medicine of the past

The medicine of the past becomes the medicine of the future.  Naturopathy is now more recognised as an effective system of healing than any time in the recent past. People are becoming disillusioned with the symptom-based prescribing of their conventional doctor. They are more educated and are demanding treatment options that work with a minimum of side effects and future ill-health consequences.

Naturopathy incorporates a variety of modalities to heal a person wholistically, that is, as a whole person – mind, body and spirit. A qualified naturopath will aim to understand the cause of their client’s current state of health and give suggestions to re-establish balance by lifestyle modification, dietary changes and herbal remedies.
Support is part of the healing process. A naturopath will follow up a client to ensure healing is on track. This way, recommendations and remedies can be modified as improvements are seen.
Naturopathy is about allowing a person to take responsibility for their own health and to give credit to their innate healing ability. Natural medicines gently ‘nudge’ body organs to function correctly or stimulate metabolic functions which lead to health and eventually no need for medicine. Conventional medicine can only suppress symptoms or take over body functions rather than allowing the body to balance itself.
The beauty of natural medicine is that it is available to everybody and is safe and side-effect free when administered properly. More qualified professionals are available these days to seek advice from when self-prescribing to ensure the right product and dose is obtained.
Herbal teas are a simple and effective natural treatment for many conditions from nervous tension, indigestion, infections and minor skin conditions. As you become more familiar with each herb, you can combine and blend for each individual.

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