A smile speaks a thousand words…
I am sure you will agree, having a radiant smile along with pine forest fresh breath can do a lot for both self esteem and your dating status!
I have chosen to delve into an unusual area of health today - gum health.  Not often talked about, except maybe with your dentist whose life is spent peering into mouths, and getting whiffs of all sorts of breath, it is something that is imperative if you want to keep your own pearly whites until a ripe old age. 
It is something I am asked more and more as many of us search for more natural alternatives to the usual harsh chemicals we come into contact with everyday.  Those of you with problem gums, try and integrate as many of the following hints into your routine.  If you are looking at preventative gum health, try a few of these different suggestions and alternate week by week.  

Diet :
High Calcium Foods – sardines, salmon with bones, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pistachio's, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, parsley.
Increase intake of fish generally
Corn on the cob, 3 x week – great for toughening gums
Lots of oranges, pomegranates
Strawberry – cut in half and rub onto teeth and gums.  Leave for 45 minutes, rinse with warm water (2 x week)
Grapefruit peel tea.  Wash grapefruit very well.  Simmer grapefruit peel for 20 minutes, and drink the tea (3-4 x week)
Avoid lemon juice for the time being - if you are partial to this cleansing tea
Eat a bit of cheese at the end of your meal.  Don't follow with anything else (apart from water)
Lifestyle :
Sleep and relaxation – one of the most important parts of a healthy gum recipe
Avoid alcohol
For those interested in how our emotions and mental state affect our health, – Louise Hay believes it is often our “Inability to back up decisions” and being “Wishy washy about life” that contributes to problem gums.  If this sounds like you, the affirmation to correct this energy is “I am a decisive person.  I follow through and support myself with love”.
Topical applications
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% on its own as a mouth wash, dip your toothbrush in it as well.  You can mix it into a paste with baking soda, and rub this on your gums too.  Do this morn & night. (You can purchase Hydrogen Peroxide 35% and dilute it yourself)
Whitening your teeth can be achieved by dipping your brush in activated charcoal and brushing your teeth.  Follow up with a good rinse, then follow up with a brush with natural toothpaste.
Depending on your general health, there are also a few beneficial supplements which may give you an extra edge to get your gums into tip top shape.  Consult a Naturopath to make sure you get the right supplement for you.  Smile on.

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