Trouble Sleeping?
Did you know that your memory and cognitive function can suffer through lack of sleep.  You may even find your skin unhappy.
What can you do?
Avoid stimulating activities and establish a soothing routine in the evenings for yourself and your children to encourage the relaxation required for deep, refreshing sleep.
Homoeopathy to try
As a result of shock. Anxious, fearful and restlessness.  Nightmares.
Sleepless from muscular aches and pains.  The bed feels too hard.  Jet lag.
Restless, tense and anxious.  Worse between midnight and 3am.
Grinds teeth, sleeps on stomach and jerks during sleep.  Worms
Exhausted and dizzy from sleep disturbance.  Worse from loss of sleep for instance when caring for the sick, a restless baby or adjusting to shift work, jet lag etc.
Overactive mind, constant flow of thoughts.  Sleepless from joy.
Disturbed sleep from grief, emotional shock or disappointed love.  Yawning and sighing.
Kali Phos  
Acts as a nerve tonic when suffering from excitement or overwork.
Nux Vomica 
Wakes at 3-4am and stays awake thinking of work or study.  Goes back to sleep around 5 amand then wakes irritable and unrefreshed.  Worse from over-indulgence.
Sleeps in cat naps, wakes frequently.  Sleepy by day.  Sleep disturbed by itchy skin, burning feet and hot flushes.  Talks, grunts or snores in sleep.
Herbs and Aromatherapy
Tranquil tea
contains a delicious blend of traditionally used herbs to aid sleep and relaxation.  Have a cup 30 minutes before bedtime.  Add valerian herb for extra deep sleep.
Tranquil Essential Oil Blend or Lavender essential oil
burning before bed time, or during sleep can soothe the worries of the day.
For the night thinker, try
Earth Essential Oil Blend or Vetiver. 
Both will quiet the mind and ground you, encouraging deeper more thorough sleep.
Flower and Bach Remedies
Rescue Remedy and Emergency Essence is useful for anxiety and stress.
Vervain is useful for poor sleep or if you are unable to relax.  Add Olive for complete physical and mental exhaustion.  Add
Red Chestnut for irrational fear (great for kids at night).
Calm and Clear taken morning and night can help to even out the stress of the day and promote relaxation in general.
Massage & Facials
Treat yourself to some pampering, and relax. 
We have a range of treatments designed to soothe and relax.
And remember no Caffeine (including black or green tea) late at night.
For more helpful suggestions please ask.

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