Why do you need Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage is a treatment that has been used to treat many health conditions for many years.  Dr Emil Vodder of Denmark developed the first technique in the 1930s. 



The Lymphatic System drains waste products (including toxins, dead cells, bacteria and excess protein) in the fluid from around the cells.  The lymph vessels transport this fluid to the lymph nodes, which act as filtration, purification and exchange stations for the lymph fluid.  They also play an important role in the immune system as they store and produce B and T cells known as immuno-competent lymphocytes.

The lymphatic system cleanses and maintains health by constantly removing waste products from around the cells.  As a result of this Lymphatic Drainage has a positive effect on the body.

The lymphatic system is adversely affected by stress, tiredness, chemical overload and illness, thus causing the lymph system to become sluggish.  This means that the removal of waste is less efficient and compromises your health, creating various forms of Oedema or fluid retention.

The following is taken from an article in Massage Australia, Issue 36 page 10:

Some conditions that may be assisted or managed with Lymphatic Drainage are:

Ø     Toothache, post dental procedures

Ø     Wrinkles, cellulite and under eye oedemas

Ø     Irritable bowel, colitis, stress, fatigue

Ø     Chronic pain, insomnia and snoring, tinnitus and vertigo

Ø     Menstruation pain and fluid retention

Ø     Tonsillitis, laryngitis and sinusitis (not during inflammatory stage)

Ø     Headache, migraine

Ø     Skeletal, neurological and muscular conditions such as cerebral palsy and facial neuralgia

Ø     Bell’s Palsy, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel

Ø     Visual problems including dry, gritty eyes, post trauma vision problems, eyelid oedema

Ø     Injuries such as sprains, dislocations, ligament and meniscus pathologies

Ø     Fractures, whiplash, muscle spasm and scars

Ø     Pre surgical – clears the lymphatic pathways, drains the tissue and prepares the tissue for surgical intervention

Ø     Post surgical oedema, pain and scarring

Ø     Removal of major lymph nodes, amputations, cosmetic surgery

If you decide that MLD treatment is for you

Before your MLD treatment:

ü     Do make sure you are well hydrated to reduce the after effects of the treatment

ü     Do come prepared to completely relax, healing occurs during deep relaxation

ü     Do allow yourself plenty of time, the treatment takes approximately 1 ½ hours

ü     Do plan your day so that there is not heaps to do after your treatment

The treatment:

ü     Is very relaxing - so allow yourself to drift off

ü     Is very gentle and powerful

ü     Is very beneficial to both the lymphatic and nervous systems

After the treatment

ü     Drink plenty of water

ü     Be prepared for some after effects, such as tiredness, various aches, headache is not unusual, increase in urine output, possibly stronger than normal body odour

ü     Take it easy over the next day or so to allow full benefits of the treatment


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