How to Have a Green Christmas with Plant Essentials

How to Have a Green Christmas with Plant Essentials


Christmas is one time of the year when we can really go to excess and often our best intentions are thrown to the wind.  There are many options to help the environment during the festive season and most won't take any more effort than you would normally put in.


Buying from local small businesses you are reducing your carbon footprint, supporting small business and ensuring that the money stays within your local community.  Did you know that when you spend money at a local small business that money circulates up to ten times within the community as opposed to spending with the multinationals which take most of the money back to head office.  


Take advantage of every opportunity to recycle or use recycled products.  Look for gifts that come in recycled packaging, like the bottles and bags at Plant Essentials.  

Go to your local handicraft market and choose gifts that have been "upcycled".  You will find there are lots of great items that are made from recycled materials or waste products.  Just recently I bought some great journals that were made from recycled Golden Books and they look great!!


If purchasing gifts stay away from those that use toxic, and non biodegradable batteries.  Look for wind up toys or solar powered items even going rechargable batteries is better if you must have batteries.  Did you know that almost 40% of annual battery purchasing is done at Christmas?  


Each year tonnes of Christmas wrapping paper finds it way into landfills across the world.  With a little thought and hardly any effort you can reduce what you add to landfill.

Cloth Bags - re-useable shopping bags are a great idea to use as a replacement for the paper gift bags and wrapping paper.  Many stores now carry a wide variety of bags that will look lovely under the tree - for example these lovely Eco Silk Shopping Bags 

Fabric Off Cuts - check out your local store for end-of-roll or off-cuts in bright colours or Christmas themes.  These make great alternatives to wrapping paper and look bright and festive under the tree.

Eco-Wrapping Paper - if you need to use wrapping paper look for recycled wrapping paper or recycle your own or paper made from environmentally friendly materials such as hemp. This year Plant Essentials is using cute recycled boxes for all their Gift Treats - see them here


If you need new decorations for the tree or around the home this year look at alternatives to the cheap, plastic decorations that are often made overseas by workers in deplorable conditions.  Try going back to nature - look around the garden and the local bush areas for great looking branches, seed pods, vines etc that will look great with an artisan or home made candle in it.

When decorating with lights be sure to use LED globes which are more energy efficient.  Also check for blown globes first before throwing away a whole string of lights.  


Remember it is the thought that counts .. not how many gifts, how much money you spent or where it was bought.  

Christmas is about coming together with family and friends, thinking of those less fortunate and laughing and loving.

Look at options to reduce excess whether that is in the gifts, the food, the decorations, the overall spending.

Try Secret Santa's - If there will be a few of you coming together on Christmas Day agree to only purchase one gift with a set value for a specific person.  Its so much more fun and infinitely less stressful to shop for one person and to find a great gift under a certain price tag.  

Make donations to charity rather than buy presents and let people know what you have done.  Christmas is, after all, a time of goodwill.  

Of course, not all gifts have to be store bought.  Making Christmas gifts for others can be as much fun as giving them.  


Rather than giving "random" gifts, why not put together attractive hampers of personal and household products that you know will be used rather than something that could be at the tip or at a garage sale in the New Year.  

Hampers of personal care items such as shampoo, skincare, body creams, body washes, foot scrubs will always be welcome.  Make them a bit special by choosing products that are just that little bit different such as the handmade with love range of  all natural Plant Essentials skincare and beauty.  

Environmentally friendly household products such as cleaners, washing liquids or even an organic bakers pack full of coconut flour, coconut oil, herbs and more.


What's more beautiful that a gift of your own efforts!  Attend a class and learn how to make wonderful bath and beauty product then personalise the label with your own artistic creations.  Attend a class by booking here


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