Health Benefits And Uses Of Space Clearing & Smudging
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Health Benefits And Uses Of Space Clearing & Smudging

When humans learned to harness fire, they experienced different aromas from the types of plant life they added to the blaze. Over time, they realised a connection with each scent and the effect it had on their bodies. Eventually, the tribal healer knew which scents to use in restoring the people to former health and the Art of Space Clearing & Smudging began. 

Modern day life is full of situations that cause stress and fatigue. Instead of resorting to medications that often have serious side effects, many people find that natural herbs and spices help relieve the tension of everyday life. Pleasant aromas help relaxation and completely change the surrounding energy that facilitate relaxation, calmness and overall well-being. Most people agree that pleasant smells almost instantly change their direction of thinking.

Sage is the first herb that comes to mind when seeking out holistic aromas because it appears throughout history for removing negativity and bringing about a pleasant sensation. Other herbs such as Frankincense, Lavender and Cedarwood also reset the energy of your home or office. Each scent has different benefits and when combined offer full body improvement. Some people enjoy mixing a variety of herbs with each addressing a different energy need.

The power of Sage is available in powder form and sprinkled over charcoal briquettes and also in sticks bound with cotton string. Placing a few clippings from the sticks on the coal offer a method purification when there is very little time before traveling to work. Experienced users and professionals often light the stick and walk around using a large feather or fan that distributes the smoke throughout the area.

The idea of environmentally-friendly products is not new but the demand continues to grow, and affordable prices follow along to help ensure customer satisfaction and expectations. Make sure the herbal products you buy are 100% pure and not imitation. There is no such thing as imitation energy so choose products that deal directly with your needs, then experiment when you have time to relax and enjoy the journey.

Recorded history of using herbs and aromas go back to Greek and Egyptian civilizations thousands of years ago. Today there is relevant evidence that science agrees with the benefits of inhaling them because many prescription drugs come from naturally grown plants. By naturally changing the energy inside you, it stands to reason it improves the energy around you.



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