7 Of The Best Crystals for Anxiety

So I thought with all the craziness bubbling around us all at the moment we should look at anxiety. We all struggle with anxiety at some point and I believe taking control of it and owning it, helps us to tell it to bugger off when it rears its ugly head. I'm going to list a bunch of crystals that you can either wear, meditate with or include in a grid.

  1. Garnet


All Garnet has one main intention. To manifest what we desire in this moment. It is such a cool gemstone….literally. Spiritually it is very warming but to touch it is quite cool. To me, that says it all...

It's pretty clever...lol...It helps us to let go of the fear, anger, panic etc in the moment, then gives us a big hug and puts down a blanket of calm afterwards. It also lets us reflect on what just happened, therefore starting the road to ownership and control of our emotions.

If your anxiety is due to trauma (whether physical or emotional) this is a good one for you.

With a MOH of 7.5 its super easy to cleanse as well. Bonus! lol

  1. Orange Calcite

orange calcite

Orange Calcite won't help during an anxiety attack, but it's important to work with. It will essentially get in your face and tell you what you need to do. It sounds a little harsh but it does it in a gentle way.

Anyone that has old childhood “stuff” or sexual “stuff” they haven’t yet forgiven themselves for or haven’t “dealt” with yet…this is for you. It’s hard to go back there, but you need to. You deserve to enjoy life, you have fought this far.

Meditate with this one or set up a grid. Maybe don’t wear it, as you probably don’t want to be working on “stuff” during the day (unless it's your day off lol)

With a MOH of 3, do not put calcite in water.

  1. Pink Tourmaline

pink tourmaline

Considered to be the most effective stone to heal old emotional wounds of the heart….I would have to agree. It oozes love. It has a way of making you feel like everything is going to be ok. Very comforting, but also there to do a job.

It sort of reminds me of a time I was at the doctor as a kid and my Dr was wanting to take a bandage off my knee and I was terrified. He was super weird for a doctor which I found hilarious and before I knew it, he had me laughing so much I was in tears. Then he stopped and walked away. I looked down and the old bandage was off and a new one put on. He had completely distracted me with his craziness that I had no idea what had happened. He genuinely cared and just wanted to help. I wish he wasn’t 18hrs away so my kids could experience him as well. Anyway, off track lol…what I'm trying to say is pink tourmaline is like my old doctor…will distract you with love and kindness but also fix your wounds.

A MOH of 7-7.5

  1. Danburite


This one will be good to wear on your person. It gently, but powerfully makes you feel good. Great for your confidence. If your ill and you are struggling to stay positive, this crystal will work well for you. If you have lost your connection with your angel/spirit guide or are finding it really hard to focus and listen, this guy is also super helpful in that respect.

A MOH of 7-7.5

  1. Opal


Opal is pretty crazy. Crazy good but still…crazy. She will take out any “gunk” that is festering in your spiritual field or aura. And by “take out” I mean she will hunt it down and burn it to a crisp. Sounds painful right? It's not. For some crazy reason it’s quite a pleasant experience.

She is pretty intense though. You really do need to set an intention when working with her, as she will enhance your emotions. So definitely set the “I will feel happy” intention. It would be great in a grid at home…actually…I’m going to do that...lol

MOH of 5.5-6.5 and loves water!! The colours burst out when wet…

  1. Larimar


Such a nice crystal. Very gentle, calming and soothing. Helps us to use our voice. If you are struggling with communicating or voicing your needs then consider this girl.

If you're wanting to reclaim your body and femininity then she will help. You will be able to connect with the goddesses and take back control. If you struggle with self-respect, self-worth and find it hard to stay calm you should wear her on you.

MOH of 4.5-5

  1. Malachite


So it’s a copper carbonate which makes it super great at “protection” and “manifestation.” Would be great to set up a grid at home with this and create a wall , so when you enter your home you can actually relax instead of continuing to think and overthink and then some more.

I love anything copper…so helpful. Malachite though has other cool features like, not allowing negative energy to influence or affect you. Will give you the confidence and motivation to go do what needs to be done. Very empowering piece. Reminds us that we are down here for a reason. We all have stuff to learn and we are going to keep coming back down here until we learn everything we need to. A good one to wear, but I wouldn’t wear it with anything else as it can be pretty full on.

MOH of 3.5-4

So I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is something else you would like me to blog about. Even do a live feed? I will be doing a Facebook live soon on how to set up grids etc so be sure to tune in and say hi. 

Peace out

Dany x 


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