4 Must Have Basic Essential Oils
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4 Must Have Basic Essential Oils

As an aromatherapist, I have access to more essential oils than i care to mention… and for an essential oil addict like me, it can get quite expensive keeping such a large kit.  However, as with any artist, I need my colour palette to do my work. 

If I was to pick just 4 basic essential oils that are must haves for around the home, I’d have to pick these…it’s a hard call, but when you absolutely, positively only want 4, here they are…


  • Anti-inflammatory – reduces redness and inflammation, and itching…great to dab on mozzie bites.
  • Eases acne and other skin conditions – chamomile is such a soothing essential oil on the skin, add it to your cleanser and moisturiser for beautiful clear and calm skin.
  • Anti-anxiety / relaxant – just like a nice cup of chamomile tea, chamomile essential oil inhaled can calm the nerves.
  • Teething and wind – rubbed on the outside of the jaw to relieve babies pain, or on the back or tummy for wind.

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  • Cuts, scratches, bites & burns – one of the only essential oils I use 100% when needed, simply apply and keep clean
  • Sleep, bumps, & headaches – on the temples or sprinkled on the pillow for a restful sleep or headache relief.  Apply to bruises to help them dispel (use arnica as a base for quicker results)
  • Nurturing, soothes emotions and is relaxing – it’s like a warm cuddle from grandma, inhaled or however you please.
  • Space cleansing – add lavender to your cleaning products or salted water and mop bucket for a wonderfully clean home.


  • Nits – can prevent nits when added to a hair or hat spray daily, and can kill them if you are unlucky.
  • Hair and scalp health – rosemary helps improve circulation in the scalp, thus helping healthy fuller hair growth. Add it to your shampoo and conditioner or make a hair mist for extra shine.
  • Creativity, memory and focus – such a great oil to help you to focus and remember things. And when focus is good, creativity can blossom.
  • Arthritis/analgesic – rosemary is traditionally a great pain reliever when added to a base and applied directly to the area needed.

Lemon Eucalyptus

  • Mossies – one of the top essential oils for repelling mosquito's – even better than deet, thank goodness.
  • Anti-bacterial – lemon eucalyptus has the same great anti-bacterial properties as more common eucalyptuses, but just a little more interesting on the nose.
  • Fresh clean smell, deodoriser – freshen your home naturally with this lemon fresh aroma.
  • Catarrh, colds & coughs – on inhalation can ease breathing difficulties and congestion.

Rosemary warning: do not use if you suffer from high blood pressure, epilepsy or are pregnant.

Remember to always dilute your essential oils correctly in the appropriate base, and don’t drink essential oils!  What are your basic 4, and why?

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