Everyday items in the pantry that your skin is begging you for.

Everyday items in the pantry that your skin is begging you for.

Everyone has seen the health magazines that list a whole three course dinner-worth of ingredients to add to your skin to cleanse, exfoliate, tone or moisturise it. While it’s true that there is a plethora of pantry items that are beneficial for your body, what isn’t true is that you need more than one or two.

  1. Cleansing the skin

There are so many natural items that can be added to your skin to revitalise and cleanse it, and you are sure to have at least one of them in your kitchen. Oats ground down to a powder and then added to a bath are a great way to soothe itchy skin, or nourish dry skin. Plain yoghurt makes a thick, nutritious face mask, as does avocado, which can also be used to strengthen and soften your hair. Honey is perhaps the best known natural skin cleanser, also known to assist with wrinkle removal and the prevention of chapped lips. Another great wrinkle remover, with its abundance of enzymes, is papaya.



By mixing papaya and ground oats together and then applying to the skin, you gently remove the outer layer of skin and minimise wrinkles. Once it has dried, wipe off with a damp cloth and start feeling 18 again.



Mix together some honey, avocado, ground oats and plain yoghurt and apply to your skin. After allowing it to try, rinse off with warm water and a damp cloth - your skin won’t just feel amazing, but the fresh, natural smells will stay with you all day.



  1. Easy exfoliants

There are plenty of rough goodies in your pantry that could be rubbed on to your skin to remove a layer or two, but do you know which ones hold benefits to your skin as well as being an exfoliator? Simply soaking in a hot bath full of dissolved sea salt can be great for softening your skin - or rubbing down with a handful of salt before a bath is another common exfoliation tip, but for those that have a bit more diversity in their kitchen, there are a few more methods of skin scrubs that you could try.



Caffeine works wonders for cellulite when applied externally, rather than skolled on your way to work. Mix fresh ground coffee beans, sea salt, and coconut oil and rub into the areas that are most likely to be affected by cellulite. Not only will you smell like your favourite café, but your skin will stay smooth and bump-free. Caffeine scrubs are becoming more and more popular among health spas as the benefits of the scrubs are being discovered.



This mixture is obviously not for those with nut allergies. Grind some almonds into a powder and mix in some mayonnaise or plain yoghurt before massaging into the skin and washing off. The almond works to exfoliate, while the mayo or yoghurt leaves the skin radiant and shiny.



Baking soda works wonders at removing excess oils from the skin. When it is mixed into a paste with a bit of water, it works great to both exfoliate and remove unnecessary oils.


If you want to try something from our range of skin care products, why not test out the Coconut & Lime Body Scrub or the Geranium & Organic Rice Facial Exfoliant?



A toner is an important addition to help skin pores close up after exfoliating or cleansing, and will lead to less oily or dirty skin. Chemical-ridden toners from the shops aren’t the only solution, though, and some DIY options may be simpler than you think.


Pineapple juice is probably the most unexpected item on this list, but the high amount of antioxidants that it boasts work wonders for your skin - the vitamin C does a great job of removing acne marks or pimples, and when washed off leaves your skin glowing. If you choose to drink the juice instead of applying it to your skin, try adding a squeeze of lemon juice - this will boost the vitamin C count for an even greater effect.


The most common natural toner is apple cider vinegar diluted with water, which helps skin look younger and feel smoother while assisting to prevent outbreaks of pimples, warts and other nasties. Or, if you’re feeling a little fancy, try adding a litre of milk to your next hot bath - this is a great skin toner, leaving every inch of you smooth and healthy, while also making you feel like royalty.


Our Rose Water can be used as a toner too – it smells great and can also be used to freshen up your home.



Many of the foods already listed make for great moisturisers as well - avocado, honey and yoghurt included - but it is no secret that oil can moisturise as well. A good olive, coconut or sunflower oil leaves skin fresh and alive - it just has to soak in before you want to go to bed or pull on clothes and leave the house. Oils aren’t just good for skin, but also for de-frizzing hair. Coconut oil is also a great natural eye makeup remover, and you will feel a lot better dabbing it around your eyes than the harsh store bought chemicals normally used.


If you are feeling like using something not in your pantry yet, have you tried our Rosehip & Avocado Hydrating Repair Moisturiser?



Clearly, this isn’t an exhaustive list.  There are thousands of grocery items that you could slap on your face and find some benefit, but these ones are definitely our top picks! There are always the old wives tale tricks that still work, such as the teabags on your eyes to remove puffiness, or toothpaste as a quick fix for itches and pimples. Some people choose not to use too many unpasteurised goods during pregnancy - if this is the case, then try to avoid items such as apple cider vinegar and raw honey. The best advice is to try everything, experiment, and see which of these tips work best for your skin!

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