Salt Lamp Serenity

The history of Himalayan salt

Millions of years ago, when the Earth was still young and countries were shifting and clashing together, oceanbeds became mountain ranges faster than you could say “Yabba dabba doo.” As a large amount of the Himalayas rose up from the ocean, traces of those oceanbeds can still be found within them, in large salt deposits. While this salt isn’t widely known as your everyday table salt, it is becoming increasingly popular in another way – through its use in healing salt lamps. Himalayan salt lamps have been rising in popularity, as knowledge of their benefits spreads through the western world. So what are the benefits of these lamps? And can you get the same benefits from the table salt in your pantry?

Purity is essential

Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are made from pure Himalayan salt. It has been found that other lamps with less pure salt do not hold the same benefits – although nothing is proven, it is said that because the Himalayas were formed long before mankind came to exist, the salt is therefore free from the contamination of humans, who have since polluted the oceans. Himalayan salt is now one of the most sought-after items in the nutrition and holistic health world, and it is no surprise when looking at the benefits.

Switching on for the benefits

Research has found that salt lamps can increase negative ion presence by close to 300% - don’t be scared by the word negative though, as this counterbalances the large amount of positive ions in the air, emitted from items such as computers and TVs. Therefore, negative ions work to get rid of harmful bacteria, purify the air, reduce radiation and soothe the soul. Negative ions are found much more in nature, whereas positive ions are produced from everyday technology. There are manmade items, such as ionisers, that work to counteract the large number of positive ions, however salt lamps are found to be much more effective. Because salt attracts water to its surface, often you will find that your salt lamp will look like it is sweating or damp, however the small amount of heat produced by the lamp warms the salt, evaporating the water leading to a higher number of negative ions.

No more stuffy noses or bed bugs

Due to the negative ions significantly reducing the amount of bacteria in the air, salt lamps are also useful for assisting with the removal of dust and airborne allergens. The negative ions also lead to a more calming atmosphere, improving concentration and reducing stress levels, assisted by the welcoming and warm feeling the light gives.

Everyone’s best friend

Research suggests that salt lamps have benefits for all ages – used as a nightlight for children, the soothing glow helps reduce insomnia and allergens in the bedroom; in offices, stress levels are reduced and the positive ions emitted by the large amount of electronics are nullified; placed in other rooms of your house, people will feel calm, welcome and healthy, or; placed in a medical office, massage therapy room or healing centre, will help to promote health and encourage the body to heal faster.

You won’t know until you try

While we cannot specifically assure customers that all of these benefits are guaranteed, a look at comments and testimonials attributes a lot of positive health effects to Himalayan salt lamps. Plant Essentials stocks a range of the lamps, which can be found here. Or, drop in to the Townsville store to experience the effects of a salt lamp in person.

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