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Christmas Gift Guide


Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

If you answered ‘yes’ – well done, you! But if you’re like to rest of us and pursed your lips, rolled your eyes and/or sighed in exasperation before admitting you hadn’t, it’s ok. Whether it’s for your husband or wife, distant Aunty Ethel or Secret Santa recipient, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top picks…


Environmentally-friendly Christmas Gifts for Women

The Plant Essentials Repair Facial Kit

This all-bases-covered skin care kit is packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help repair mature skin and keep it looking and feeling fresh and vibrant. The Kit includes our Rose Maroc Facial Cleanser , Rosehip & Avocado Hydrating Repair Facial Mask, Walnut & Fennel Eye Rejuvenation Cream and famous Rosehip & Avocado Hydrating Repair Moisturiser, Rosehip & Avocado Intensive Night Repair Serum. Perfect for pampering.

This take anywhere, use anytime foot massager is perfect for Relaxing sore and tender feet.  Simply roll your feet on the knobbly rollers for instant relief! No power outlets needed.
These beautiful lamps carved from ancient salt deposits are not only beautiful, but are also reputed to ionise the air, effectively removing harmful bacteria, purifying the air, reducing radiation and soothing the soul. They certainly make for a beautiful, earthy addition to any room.


Organic Christmas presents for men

Beards are so hot right now. So give the man (or men) in your life the ultimate beard care accessory. Our Vishnu beard balm is designed to help style beards, while conditioning them, protecting them from the elements, and helping them grow strong and full. No chin fluff here!
If your dad / brother / husband / man of other description prefers to go clean shaven, we have something for him too. Our Australian Sandalwood or Peppermint Shaving Soaps are both 100% natural, provide a clean, easy shave and are suitable for all skin types, even the sensitive.
Lunch in the great outdoors
If he likes to spend a day on fishing, hunting, or simply takes lunch to work every day our stainless steel lunchbox and Cheeki insulated flask make for the perfect companions. Why not wrap them up for Christmas, then fill them up for a Boxing Day picnic?


Green gift ideas for teenagers

Perfect for skin that’s still finding its way, our Balance Skincare Kit is 100% natural and contains our Geranium Facial Cleanser, Rose & Patchouli Gentle, Astringent Toner, Rosehip & Avocado Hydrating Repair, Moisturiser, Geranium & Org Rice Facial Exfoliant and Australian Tea Tree Blemish Gel. Absolutely no synthetic chemicals that can do young skin more harm than good.
Adorning you with a striking geometric pattern that's considered sacred across many cultures, the Flower of Life is a fusion of ancient and modern symmetry. Inspired by the platonic solids that represent creative particles in the Universe, wear this exceptional precious stone pendant to feel instantly connected to the flow of life. It’s made with 925 silver.
Relief from sports injuries and growing pains
If there’s a sporty teenager in your life, chances are they experience muscle pain from time-to-time. Our Wintergreen and Arnica Balm and Massage Oil can help soothe soreness and increase circulation to get them back on the field, court or track in no time.


Eco-gifts for the kids

Soothe baby’s teething naturally with Baltic amber. The resin is absorbed through the child’s skin, so they shouldn’t be chewing on this beautiful bracelet to feel its calming effects.


Organic stocking filler ideas

Hemp organics Lip Tint - Sheer lip tint that provides rich organic moisturising with just a touch of mineral pigment.
Tranquil Spritzer - this blend of powerful flower essences & essential oils will help you to feel composed and chilled out.
Naturally Gorgeous by Charlotte Vohtz - Provides practical tips and advice on basic dietary, skin and hair care - the natural, ethical and organic way.
Shiva Peppermint Revival Gift Box – Natural foot lotion and foot soak for a minty refreshmint.
Happy Feet Detox Foot Patches - a simple non-invasive and natural way to detox the body while you sleep.


And if all else fails WE HAVE GIFT CARDS - they can be emailed directly to the recipient, can be used all over the world and never expire!


No matter how your Christmas shopping goes, remember the Festive season is about presence, not presents. Be sure to take some time out with your loved ones, and appreciate the little things together like laughing over a terrible Dad joke and sharing a delicious (or disastrous) meal.


Merry Christmas.

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