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Organic iced tea recipe


As summer crawls closer every day, temperatures are rising fast. For those of us that can’t go a day without our cuppa, this can be a bit of a problem – sacrificing staying cool for the daily morning boost. But this could all change, by simply taking an extra ten minutes each weekend to make yourself a big jug of fresh, healthy, and flavoursome iced tea. Yes, there are bottles and bottles of the stuff ready to go at every café and convenience store. But iced tea can have a much richer taste – without all the sugar! – when homemade, and you may even discover your new favourite flavour.

How do I make iced tea?

  1. First, decide how much you want to make – enough for a week, enough for a get-together with friends, or just enough for a quiet Sunday afternoon?
  2. Boil enough water to suit your needs
  3. Once the water is boiled, transfer it to a heat-proof jug or pitcher and add the loose-leaf tea of your choice – the general rule is three semi-heaped teaspoons for every 250mL of water
  4. Allow the tea to steep for about two minutes and then remove the leaves – leaving them in for too long can make your tea bitter
  5. While the water is still hot, add in honey, sugar or agave syrup to sweeten to your liking and mix until dissolved so there’s no lumps – but remember, you haven’t added fruit yet, so don’t overdo it!
  6. Add berries or sliced fruit as you like and leave to cool on a bench before chilling in the fridge for a few hours
  7. When you’re ready to serve your ice tea, simply add ice and pour into glasses

Some match-making tips

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  • Food and drink often have a duller taste after they’ve cooled than when warm – which means that your stronger teas, such as green and Jasmine, are excellent choices iced tea.
  • Green teas go well with mint, mango, or basically anything tropical.
  • Black and white teas work well with pomegranates and berries.
  • For a fruitier taste, stir in a cup of your chosen fruit’s nectar, taste, and continue to add to your heart’s content. Some people prefer to keep a strong tea flavour, while others enjoy the fruity flavours to be more present, so experiment, to find a blend that you love.
  • If you want a minty tea, add some mint leaves to the hot water while steeping.
  • Whatever fruit you use, a squeeze of lemon juice will intensify the flavours and make your tea even more refreshing.
  • For easy single serve infusing, try our teacup infuser – it will save time straining between steps.

Our favourite iced tea combinations:

Have a go at making your own ice tea blend this weekend and be sure to let us know your signature creation!

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