7 Magic Effects of Massage

Not long ago, we were lucky enough to welcome Tony to our team of Massage Therapists, joining Jamie and Heather. Tony trained as a massage practitioner in New Zealand, after realising a passion for natural health and the human spirit. His interests in massage and natural health surfaced after spending time as a competitive swimmer, as he has always had a love of movement and sport. Over the past 22 years, Tony has honed his knowledge, starting in his late teens with weekend courses in touch, massage and body alignment, to now being a fully qualified Massage Therapist who has worked with various natural health modalities.

To celebrate the addition of another great Massage Therapist to our team, we have put together a list of some of the many benefits of massage- apart from it feeling oh-so-good, of course!

  1. Stop that slouching! Massage assists in repairing posture, realigning your body and keeping your spine straight. This is most important to those of us with desk jobs, where there is a build-up of stress in our shoulders and lower back.
  2. Stress less! Massage therapy is a great natural and relaxing way to release stress, allowing the body to recuperate and the mind to empty of anxiety. It also assists with soothing depression and leaves your soul feeling more positive.
  3. Get some shut-eye! After the body has been massaged, you will naturally feel calmer and more relaxed, and find it much easier to get a good night’s sleep.
  4. Stay healthy! Massage has been proven to increase white blood cells by boosting circulation, which is extremely helpful in assisting the body to prevent diseases.
  5. Relieve and reduce headaches! Headaches can often be cured after a good head massage, and the sense of calm you are left with will ensure that you don’t have another headache for quite a while.
  6. Better circulation! By promoting the flow of the circulatory system, massages improve the circulation of fluids, meaning reduced bloating; an increase in blood flow means a reduced risk of arthritis, and the promotion of lymphatic flow means can speed up removal of toxins and waste products.
  7. Get you back on the field faster! Massages are extremely common in sports rehabilitation, to soothe fractures and encourage faster healing time, increase joint mobility, and reduce muscle tension.

So whether you want to just stress less, or help your body in some other way, feel free to drop in to our Townsville store and meet Tony for a session!

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