Uses for Coconut Oil on your face, hair, body and pet!
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Uses for Coconut Oil on your face, hair, body and pet!

Coconut Oil is the latest craze at the moment, with people claiming it can perform any number of wonders. While many of these claims aren’t proven , there are a large range of benefits that are known for certain to come from the sweet smelling oil.

Benefits of coconut oil for your hair

Rubbed through your hair and into your scalp, Coconut Oil acts as a great leave-in conditioner. Whether you choose to apply generously and cover with a shower cap for a few hours to let it soak in, or massage in just as much as you need, the oil acts as a powerful and natural way to leave hair smooth and strong. Applying small amounts to the ends of your hair works well to defrizz and to slow down split ends.

Not only can hair on your head benefit from coconut oil, but hair all over your body! As a beard conditioner, Coconut Oil nourishes facial hair, keeping it strong while moisturising the skin underneath as well. It is also handy to apply as a pre-shave and aftershave skin soother - not just for beards, but any unwanted body hai r- with the oil smoothing skin and unclogging pores.

Coconut Oil for your body

Coconut Oil is not just a great natural moisturiser, but generates a range of benefits for your skin. It is known to help skin heal and minimises scarring after bruising, injury or infection. When rubbed into your feet and between your toes, cocnut oil assists in the prevention of Athlete’s Foot - and gets rid of any nasty foot odours along the way!

For the outdoors, Coconut Oil works well to stop the itching from mosquito bites; and when mixed with an essential oil such as mint, can also work as a natural insect repellent. Mixing with essential oils makes it not only a helpful insect repellent, but a natural deodorant. When combined with salt or sugar, the oil makes an effective body scrub and exfoliant, and can be rubbed into cuticles to promote nail strength.

Using Coconut Oil on your face

In fashion circles, Coconut Oil is fast becoming known as a great natural makeup remover - as with any makeup remover, remember to avoid getting it in your eyes. To prevent chapped lips or just to give them some shine, the oil makes a great lip balm and gloss. As well as moisturising skin, it is also helpful when applied after sunburn, to soothe and heal.

Oil pulling and oral hygiene with Coconut Oil

By mixing Coconut Oil with baking soda, you can make a strong, whitening, natural toothpaste. If the taste isn’t to your likening, feel free to flavour with any essential oil, and remember to spit it out and not swallow when you’ve finished brushing. Another health fad becoming more popular in the Western World at the moment is oil pulling- swishing oil around your mouth and through your teeth for up to 20 minutes to dislodgie any food and bacteria caught in your mouth, and adding a layer of protection to your teeth and gums. While this works with any oil, the taste and flavour of Coconut Oil makes the practice much more pleasant than most other oils, and comes with a higher likelihood of health benefits.

Coconut Oil and your four-legged friends

As well as leaving us feeling healthier, Coconut Oil provides a lot of the same benefits tfor cats and dogs. For any skin irritations, a small amount massaged in will calm your animal down, stop them from licking or scratching the area, and assist in healing. When a small amount is added to their daily diet, it can lead to your pet’s skin being healthier, and their coat shinier.


While there are many uses for Coconut Oil that are not confirmed, there is evidence to suggest that these health benefits are attributed to the oil. Whether it has other uses or not, the benefits that have been proven make Coconut Oil worth trying in more places than just the kitchen.



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