5 Natural Must-Haves this Spring
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5 Natural Must-Haves this Spring


The winter chills have well and truly disappeared and spring is in the air once again (in Townsville it has, maybe not so much down south)! The weather is great for getting out and about, and we’ve put together our top suggestions of Plant Essentials products to help you dive into the fresh and flowering season.

1. Citro Body Spray (or Roll On) for enjoying the outdoors without insects

Families are starting to plan their next camping trip, or getting ready for day trips hiking and swimming- but the creepy crawlies are getting ready for you to visit as well! Our Citro Body Spray works as a great natural deodorant, sprayed on either clothes or skin, while also deterring all forms of insects. It’s child friendly, and should be included in the packing for any outdoor adventure or backyard barbecue.

2. Avoid painful sunburn with our range of Natural Sunscreens

With the outdoors also comes sunshine, and it’s important to keep your skin safe! Be sure to lather on zinc based (barrier function) Natural Sunscreen before the next time you head out.  Soothe burnt skin with Zinc Cream, or add a few drops of Chamomile & Spearmint to our Aloe Vera Gel. (but try not to burn first!)

3. Get active again with Arnica and Wintergreen

As we cast off the winter woollies, people start pounding the pavement and exercising again. But if you haven’t run, or trained as hard, in a while, your body and muscles won’t be thanking you straight away. Our Arnica and Wintergreen Range is great for soothing muscles and loosening any tension you feel. It smells beautiful and absorbs slowly, so only a little bit needs to be applied to feel results.

4. New season, new you with New Woman Spritzer

If you aren’t feeling the freshest or fastest just yet, and still want to spend a few more weeks curled up in track pants, try the New Woman Spritzer to have you ready to take on any challenge. This blend of essential oils and essences promotes balance and freedom, with flower essences to aid in confidence, peace and calm, and the acceptance of self.

5. Spring solution for immunity

Potent one stop shop immune support with Liquid Immune.  A high potency and fast acting liquid herbal blend of Echinacea, Olive Leaf, Elderberry, Panax Ginseng and key nutrients Vitamin C and Zinc.  Formulated to boost your immune system and fight off fatigue.  

And don't foget that immunity starts in the gut! Ginger & Olive Leaf Probiotic A delightful refreshing twist on administering beneficial supplements. With the combination of powerful and effective herbs, this product is extremely enjoyable and a guilt free pleasure to enjoy whilst looking after your health and wellbeing.


With the season of flowers and freedom upon us, this section of natural products can help eliminate any hurdles that might prevent you from enjoying the outdoors at the best time of the year.

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