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Father's Day Gift Ideas from Plant Essentials

Dads are great! They teach us how to ride a bike, how to do long division and why The Rollingstones are - and will always be - better than whatever flavour-of-the-month boy band you’re currently gushing over. When you need something fixed, Dad is there. When your car’s making weird noises and the tyres look a bit soft, Dad is there. And when you can’t remember the punchline to that naughty little rhyme that is something about bombing battleships, Dad is there.

With Father’s Day in Australia fast approaching, it’s time to find that special something for Dad to say ‘Thanks for always being there!’ Instead of the usual socks and jocks, why not give Dad a present that will have his body thanking you.

For the bearded Dad

One of the products that is running off the shelves at the moment is our Vishnu Beard Balm - to help style facial hair, while conditioning and strengthening it. If Dad has a bit of trouble maintaining his beard, this may be just what he needs to keep everyone else in the family happy too!

For the smooth-faced Dad

    If your Dad is more of a smooth-faced man, maybe you could treat him to a bit of luxury when it comes to shaving, with our Peppermint and Sandalwood Shaving Soaps. Not only do the soaps leave a refreshing smell, but they’re suitable for dry, sensitive or normal skin types. Use exactly as you would use a normal shaving soap, and feel the benefits!

    For something extra in his gift bag, why not add a natural sea sponge to use instead of a shaving brush? Once damp the sponge softens, and is great for evenly applying Dad’s shaving soap.

    For the active Dad

      If your Dad enjoys his sports, add a thoughtful touch to your Father’s Day gift with something to keep him sports injury free!

      Rocktape is a great muscle-strengthening and training tool, used for more than just taping up sprained or sore joints. The tape can promote better blood and fluid flow, reducing bloating, as well as providing muscle, fitness and skin benefits.

      For any tight or sore spots, another popular choice is our Arnica and Wintergreen Balm and Massage Oil. These 100 per cent natural products are perfect post-workout to soothe sore and tired muscles, and keeps aches and pains at bay.

      For the Dad who likes to smell as good as he looks

        If your Dad takes pride in smelling good (or if he’s a bit stinky and could do with some help), our Vishnu Natural Cologne has him covered. This manly scent combines Australian sweet orange, bay leaf, patchouli and cedarwood pure essential oils to create a sensual, calming and balanced scent that is gentle on sensitive skin.

        For the traditional Dad

          If socks and jocks really are on your Dad’s Father’s Day wishlist, our range of Boody bamboo underwear will tick all the boxes.

          These boxers, briefs and socks are made from bamboo, meaning that they absorb moisture better than cotton and are a lot more eco-friendly than your everyday undies! Good for Dad and good for the planet.


          Whatever gift you find for your Dad this Father’s Day, we hope you also take some quality time to spend with him.

          To all the Dads – thank you for always being there!

          Happy Father’s Day.



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