Brewing organic success in Bowen
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Brewing organic success in Bowen

One Plant Essentials stockist has discovered an unlikely recipe for retail success by combining homebrew with natural healthcare and beauty.

Christine and Robert Myers, owners of Alternate Notions and Homebrew Inn in Bowen, QLD, have been operating their two businesses from the same shop for ten months with interesting results.

According to Chris, the unexpected combination has caught the eye of numerous local men and successfully converted them to organic healthcare advocates.

“Homebrew Inn had been operating for about eight years before I discovered the Plant Essentials range of organic products and decided to bite the bullet and set up shop,” said Chris.

“It was very much a case of me starting out with a storage cupboard in the existing shop and slowly spreading out my balms and lotions to take over the ‘man cave’.

“Initially Rob and I thought the addition of skin, health and beauty products would give the women something to look at when they were dragged along on homebrew errands, but gradually the men plucked up the courage to ask about their various skin conditions and ailments and things snowballed from there,” Chris said.

“We now have quite a few men who regularly come in for their homebrew supplies, Sandalwood Shaving Foam, Hemp Cream for their dry skin and detox products.

“In a retail environment that’s pretty tough for many businesses right now, it made sense to combine overheads on the two businesses, even if the combination of products themselves didn’t immediately make sense.”

The Plant Essential range is made in Townsville and includes skin, hair and body products, domestic cleaning products, essential oils and herbal teas, all made with natural ingredients, organically grown and locally sourced wherever possible.

Chris said her most common question is about eczema.

“I’ve had quite a few people successfully clear their eczema with Plant Essentials products. However, there are many common health issues that can be relieved with natural products including skin conditions, respiratory problems, anxiety, sleeplessness and sluggishness.”

Alternate Notions also stocks inhalers, Himalayan salt lamps and locally made dog leashes.

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