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Winter Wonders from the Land


With the cold chills of winter finally upon us, it’s important to look after yourself and stop those flu symptoms before they start.

From rejuvenating dry skin to flushing the toxins from your body, we have a list of our top picks for you to stock up on this winter.

1. The Rosehip & Avocado Hydrating Duo

This moisturiser and night repair serum are the perfect couple - for hydrating dry skin, and helping you to wake each morning feeling like it’s the first day of spring.

The repairing moisturiser nourishes and repairs your dry skin, plus is light enough to be worn under your natural makeup; while the serum will set to work while you sleep repairing sun damage, scarring, spots and wrinkles. Used together, this duo will improve your skin condition and keep your skin soft and healthy.

2. Onya Reusable Coffee Cup

OK, so this one's not technically from the earth, but it's still good for it.

Australians drink more than 400 million takeaway coffees each year  - especially in winter when a hot drink does wonders to warm you from the inside out - but that means a lot of paper cups ending up as landfill. Onya’s reusable cup takes the guilt out of coffee on the run. Made to barista standards, this cup will fit the machine at your local café. It has the cool look of a disposable coffee cup, but is made out of food-safe silicone that is very durable, and is cool to the touch while your drink stays warm inside. Coming in chilli, chocolate or olive colours, you can drink your coffee on the go, and reduce the amount of waste in the world!

3. The Ishta Detox Range

From a cleansing herbal tea, to body soaks, body scrubs and massage oils, the Ishta range will flush the toxins from your body and have you feeling better than ever. Winter is a great time to detox as it can help beat off the nasties at the same time, and this range provides a number of ways to do just that. These products warm your body to help you sweat the toxins out.

Bathing in the body soak will ensure your skin is left smooth, purified and clear, smelling of juniper and grapefruit; and a quick buff with the Ishta detox body scrub will slough off the old skin and wake up your lymph nodes to help get those toxins out faster. If you want your muscles feeling just as new as your skin, the Ishta massage oil will have you in detox bliss. Not only does it relax you, but it leaves your body feeling super charged - or at least ready to survive another cold working week. Once the oil dries, we would recommend softly brushing it off for best results.

Finally, our Ishta detox tea has a combination of herbs that assist with your body’s natural cleansing process. By including this tea in your diet for a maximum of ten days, you will feel energised, have better digestion, and reduce fluid retention and bloating. For the best results, you should also try to avoid processed and heavy foods during this detox period.

Whether you want to try one of the Ishta products or all of them, you will be sure to feel fresh and healthy in no time at all.

4. Healing Honey Lip Balm

Your lips are possibly the least protected part of your body from the harsh winter winds, so it is important to take care of them and keep them nourished too. Our Healing Honey Lip Balm is full to the brim with healing manuka honey and local raw beeswax - a combination that is sure to leave your lips protected and tasting sweet. Kiss chapped lips goodbye!

5. Breathe Balm

With a vegan-friendly ingredient base, this balm will help clear up any congestion in your nose, sinus or throat. Available as chest rub or in a spritzer bottle, the soothing aromas will work wonders and have you breathing better in no time. Whether you need instant relief or want to apply just before bed to feel better in the morning, our Breathe Balm will do the trick.

6. Four Thieves Hand Sanitiser & Wash

Everyone knows that dirty hands are the fastest way to spread germs, so it's important we keep them clean! The Four Thieves range extends to essential oils and other helpful products, but this flu season, our picks are the hand sanitiser and wash.

If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ll know that the story behind the ingredients in these products comes from a story of four thieves during the 15th century, when the bubonic plague was at its height - they used herbs and other aromatics to protect themselves while they robbed victims of the plague. While we don’t agree with evil deeds, we do agree that the ingredients are perfect for cleansing and sanitising. These products will leave your hands clean and germ free, while carrying the beautiful aromas of cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary - the perfect combination to keep your family germ-free and healthy this winter.


For ideas on more products to keep you feeling your best during these chilly months, call in to your local Plant Essentials stockist for even more advice.

Hoping you stay warm and healthy this cold season!



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