5 Ways to Wind Back the Clock with Detox
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5 Ways to Wind Back the Clock with Detox


It’s a certainty in today’s age; we are all living busier lives. Between work commitments, family, and social events we find little time to look after ourselves.

In the 21st century, detoxing has becoming more important than ever. The foods we eat are now packed with added sugars, salts, additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, and goodness knows what else. Our thoughts, emotions and stress can add to the toxicity caused by the chemicals and pollution we come into contact with each day.

These 5 detox tips will have you feeling more youthful, fresh, and healthy; giving you more energy to take on that busy week ahead (without the crazy soup diets or juice cleanses)


1. Dry brushing and body scrubbing

Dry brushing your skin before your daily shower and using a fresh, purifying body scrub once or twice a week is an effective way to polish off the dead skin cells and give your body a fresh spotless glow, while increasing lymphatic flow to help your skin purge toxins absorbed from environmental pollution and soak up nutrients more effectively.


2. A detox soak

Following the scrub with a detox soak in the tub once a week, (or more if you need that extra time to yourself) also helps keep your skin revitalised, making you look fresh, radiant and youthful. As calming as a soak in the bath may sound, our Ishta Detox Soak is designed to work up a sweat, which will draw impurities out of your skin.

A massage oil containing detoxifying essential oils can also be applied all over or as needed for hydration. This will help to remove excess fluid and improve the appearance of cellulite.


3. Detox teas

Reducing your intake of coffee and replacing it with a purified herbal tea can give your kidneys a boost and help eliminate waste from the body. The benefits of simply adding a cup of tea to your day include increased energy, better digestion, decreased fluid retention and less bloating. You can drink our Ishta Detox Tea up to 2 times a day, on a 10 day course or our Ishta Purify Tea 3 times daily for as long as you like.


4. Purified water

If the taste of tea doesn’t sit well with you, just upping your water intake may help the detoxifying process immensely. Drinking 33ml per body weight of purified water is enough to flush out minor impurities. Adding extra fruit and veg to your meals can also aid this process.


5. Detox foot patches

And if you still can’t manage the time, just pop in to Plant Essentials for some foot patches as you sleep, and detox away as you dream. Foot patches maintain a powerful reputation in traditional folk medicine, based on the principles of Eastern medicine, which teaches that toxins move away from the heart and towards the extremities - including the feet - where toxins accumulate.


As our lives are ever changing, so is the process of Detox. It’s no longer a hard and time consuming task. By slightly tweaking your daily routine, you can quickly put some extra spring in your step.

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