10 Crystals and Their Meaning
black kyanite
dendritic agate
peacock ore

10 Crystals and Their Meaning

So just for fun, here are 10 crystals that have some pretty cool properties…..

  1. Black Kyanite

black kyanite raw

Seriously powerful stone. Essentially, anything you need it to do, it will do it and do it well. Carry it on you during hard times. Anybody else’s “stuff” will bounce right off you.

You won't even notice it. Create a talisman if you need it for psychic protection. Create a grid in your home to make your house invisible to thieves. Put in your car for safe travels. It’s a must have for everyone!!! It is also terrific for meditating with. If you are wanting to do some past life work, black kyanite will help guide you and bring you back! (which is always helpful lol)

  1.  Lodestone


Apart from being extremely fun to play with due to their magnetic properties, lodestone is really grounding. It is also a great crystal to have around electronics as it protects against EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields).

It will attract what you are wanting to manifest and will bring to you the things you are meant to experience in this life. So if you are feeling a bit stuck it is a good choice for you.

  1.  Copper


Use if you are wanting to give another crystal a bit of a boost. Great for grids. Fantastic for the brain and it aids detoxing. Will bring clarity, agility, strength and purpose. I very fun and powerful piece.

Also can be used to make a wall, so bad energy does not come out or come through the front door.

Your house or business is always a good place to set one up.

  1. Dendritic Agate

dendritic agate tumbled stone

Oh this one is just a big ball of fun….NOT. But I recognise that it is helpful *insert eyeroll*…lol

It essentially makes you deal with your “stuff.” If you are avoiding dealing with something, or are angry about something, and it is affecting your path, then this guy is going to show you and make you heal whether you want to or not...lol.

Seeeeee, sounds fun hey, lol...But, as we all know, without healing there will be no growth. Its kind of like speed dating. But instead of a fast date, it’s a really fast lesson…a really painful but definitely rewarding lesson…lol

  1. Wulfenite


Used a lot in white witch work to aid rituals and “download” magical knowledge from previous lives. Brings clarity and stops you procrastinating. Gets the fire burning in your belly, so great for people who are needing a boost in there sex life. AND the best part about this beauty is it's great for stimulating your metabolism YAY!!!

  1. Sulphur


Also used in the craft. Used for binding and other fun things. Works fantastic in grids to protect against curses and ill intention that may be directed at you. For such a powerful element, when you pick it up they feel so excitable. Which is fitting as they give you a boost of energy. They also remove negative thoughts that may be hindering you from moving forward.

  1. Peacock Ore

peacock ore

Also called Bornite, is a good one to use during chakra healing or reiki. It stimulates and heals ALL chakras. It pushes positivity into us and gives us a sense of pure joy. I feel its really important to remember how that feels because day to day life can be a struggle. It's crazy out there..lol

Peacock Ore has this cool little ability, that actually shows us what aspects in our life are causing some funky negativity so we can work on it directly. Cool hey?!

  1. Larimar


An all round healer. Which in itself is pretty cool. Works most powerfully on emotional “stuff” and the throat chakra. In English, it makes you use your words when trying to explain/vent/heal your emotions. It's gentle though.

It's very much fuelled with love so the process shouldn’t be too painful (unless of course the issue is about love) once balance is created, this lady will make you feel soooooo powerful in your feminine self.

  1. Epidote

 epidote stone

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, hopelessness etc  GET THIS CRYSTAL!! Work with it. Carry it. Use it.

In times when you are feeling like there is no way out, no amount of screaming, crying, venting is helping USE. THIS. CRYSTAL.

Its not a bandaid. It will actually guide you through a healing process. It will unclog and clear those emotional blockages. Also if you see or speak to spirits, it will help to speak to them ONE AT A TIME..lol...

It will quieten down that high pitch humming so they wont do your head in so much.

  1. Chrysocolla

chrysocolla tumbled stone

Place 1 in each corner of a room to cleanse and purify. This stone is a good one for teachers. It taps into your vast wisdom and helps you to speak your truth. It will ensure information soaks into your brain...lol...

Also good for artists who are having a “creative block.” Will help you to focus and flow into your work again.

Well, that’s the 10!! Thank you for reading 

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