Treating Cancer with Herbs ~ Dr Michael Tierra

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Treating Cancer with Herbs ~ Dr Michael Tierra

This book provides an alternative to a way of thinking that the only effective cancer treatment is radical surgery, radiation, and chemical therapies--treatments which often fail and can completely ruin quality of life. The author proposes that by finding the root cause of cancer, one can determine a complete, systematic approach to treating cancer with herbal medicine, lifestyle adjustment, stress-reduction, and nutritional healing, methods that will strengthen the immune system and restore balance to the psyche and the spirit. Tierra provides a complete analysis of the alternative treatments being used to combat cancer today, integrating cutting-edge research with practical information on preparation and dosage into an alphabetical materia medica of herbal treatments. Specific information is given on the importance of nutritional support and essential vitamin supplements while healing, plus information on addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects of cancer.

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